Workout Wednesday: 10min ‘Around the World’ Ab Workout in celebration of Earth Da

I rolled this #10mincoreworkout out for my clients last week and it was a hit so I wanted to share it with all of you too😉💕. Its tough but not grueling and its an effective way to strengthen your #obliquemuscles, you know, the side ab muscles that can make your waist smaller and tighter!🙌 This workout will also strengthen your mid-back which will give you better posture, and all around tighter, stronger core.
Its only 10min long and if you don’t have 10min than you don’t have a life!!! 😵 For real! Everyone has 10min to exercise. So get busy with the rest of us on this #workoutwednesday and try this fluid & effective #coreworkout !

Do each move for 30sec. without resting between poses as you make a fluid transition from one to the next. Round 5 is a little different and u can see how in the workout below…
🔹10min Core Workout🔹
🔹Figure4 Crunch, rt. elbow to lt. knee
🔹Side Plank, lt.
🔹Lying Back Ext., rt. arm & lt. leg
🔹Side Plank, rt.
🔹Figure4 Crunch, lt. elbow to rt. knee
🔹Side Plank, lt.
🔹Lying Back Ext., lt. arm & rt. legIMG_3971
🔹Side Plank, rt.
🔹repeat R1
🔹repeat R2
🔹Figure4 Crunch rt. to lt. *15sec Figure4 Crunch lt. to rt. *15sec
🔹Side Plank lt. 30sec
🔹Lying Back Ext. rt. to lt. *15sec
🔹Lying Back Ext. lt. to rt. *15sec
🔹Side Plank rt. 30sec

– #Figure4Crunch: Anchor down through hips and try to stretch the knees in one line. This will keep your low body grounded so you can isolate your abs more easily. Think of crunching shoulder to opposite hip bone vs elbow to knee so again you can isolate the core and focus in feeling those oblique muscles work.
– #LyingBackExtension: Lift and stretch simultaneously in this pose. Stretch in opposite directions and feel the spine grow long. Now lift up and feel the muscles around your mid-spine contract.

✨Advanced PosesIMG_3958
– #SidePlankwithLiftedLeg
– #SingleArmBowIMG_3973

Here’s the link for todays Segment Workout Wednesday: Ab Workout.

FoxNews Workout Wednesday: ChristmasEve ‘Quickie’ Workout

IMG_9470Merry Christmas EVE! I know you’re tempted to skip your workout today but DONT!  There’s no need to.  Here’s a workout you can do in 8 minuets in your own home.  You don’t need any equipment so before your brain tries to convince you otherwise, grab your sneakers, and get moving!  Your kids or partner may want to join you so try to get them on board to make it a fun, group workout.  If you’re familiar with tabata style workouts then you can also use these 4 moves for an 8min tabata round. Click on this link for a tabata timer you can use for free if  you don’t already have one.  Otherwise, follow the directions below and please warm up if you haven’t already!

Also, if you haven’t already please watch today’s Fox New’s My Carolinas segment!  I work hard on the material I put out for all you guys so watching, liking, re-posting and sharing what you like on social media is the best way you can show me your gratitude and help me get to where I want to be:)  Click here or on the picture to see today’s segment.

Warm Up:  5min of stair climbing w/ 20 crunches done every minuet (so you’ll end up doing 5 rounds of 20sit ups)

Christmas Eve ‘Quickie’ Workout

*Do each move in workout for 45sec, rest 15sec between moves
*Get as many rounds in as you have time for!

• Plie Squats
• Alt. Crescent Lunge
• Push Up Kick Through (modification: Mountain Climbers)
• Crab Kicks
• Side to Side Jump Squats


Hold Camel Pose for 10-30sec.