My Favorite Things

I feel like everyone has their favorites things in life. What are yours? Most of us aren’t so attached to these things that we can’t live without them but there are certain items that strike a cord in us and make us feel happy to see, touch, hear or taste them. When I think of my favorite things I automatically begin to smile. Here are the things that keep me inspired, make me feel comfortable and happy too:)

Growing up my grandma always gave me real turquoise jewelry and since then I almost always have a piece of turquoise jewelry on. Whether its my teeny tiny turquoise pendant necklace, or my turquoise studs or my favorite turquoise ring, I just love to wear it! Theres a brightness to the stone that I relate to and the nostalgia behind a lot of my pieces gives me energy and warms me up.

Bobby Pins
You can find bobby pins in the crevices of my car seat (and my husbands;)), in every junk drawer in my house and in most the pockets of my purse and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether Im running into a workout or out for a date night there are so many times when I realize I need bobby pins to tie up the loose ends of my wild & thick hair! Love those little life savers:)

Veggie Spiralizer IMG_1856
This is my favorite kitchen gadget. I love to cook and mostly believe in sticking with the basic instruments in the kitchen like good knives, solid measuring cups and good quality pans but the not so ordinary spiralizer has become a staple in our home over the past several months. I love to make spiral & thin sliced french fries, zucchini noodles, cucumber and beet salad and more. Even my toddler like the serialized veggies and I’m sure its because of the fun spiral form they take on! Its a kitchen essential in my world and I love how its helped me and so many others incorporate more veggies in our everyday dishes.

Theres nothing more rejuvenating than back bending for me. I get a mental reset after each one and jolt of energy too! I bust them out usually mid-day if Im feeling sluggish and they always do the trick. Afterward i feel refocused and motivated to get back on track. I also do them a lot when Im sitting for long periods of time (travel, writing or reading) because they realign the spine and hips. Its like a cup of coffee minus the jitters and anxiety that coffee can cause. Start simple with hip bridge and work your way up to wheel and camel pose over time.

Frozen Banannas
Once a month I load up on bananas (I like to buy the old, freckly ones in bulk at the grocery store when I see them), unpeal and break them in half, then put them in a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer. I use them daily in my smoothies because they create a milkshake like texture. Creamy, full of post workout nutrients and sooo delicious they are one of my favorite things just because they make my healthy smoothies taste decadent.

‘Create’ NotebookIMG_6320
This is the place I create my workouts and write down all my business related thoughts and inspiration. I keep
it at my nightstand so that if anything comes to mind before I go to bed I can put it in this notebook. Its a personal and important part of my life and Ive been using a notebook like this one for the past 5years or so. I keep my old notebooks and often look back at them when my creativity seems low and I need some inspiration or ideas. Its cool because now I feel like Im using my own resources versus something I found through google search so my workouts and fit tips are more authentic. Im so glad I started the practice of keeping a notebook so long ago!

Manduka Yoga Mat
I love my yoga mat. I got it originally because of the thickness, overall quality and lifetime guarantee but now Ive developed a relationship with it and its become irreplaceable in my life. I feel like I can never get rid of it because Ive grown in my yoga practice so much on that mat. Im emotionally tied to the feel of it and there can never be another! #commitedtomymanduka

My Bike
My bike isn’t that cool, in the world of bikes anyway, but in my world its better than cool! I LOVE riding my bike. I feel so free with the wind blowing all around me and the quick, swift movements I can make, ah, theres nothing like it. I take it with me everywhere but my favorite place to ride is at the beach. Even thinking of it makes me wish I were there now!

What are your favorite things? What inspires you, consistently gives you energy, makes you laugh or feel safe? I want to hear from you!

FoxNews Workout Wednesday: ChristmasEve ‘Quickie’ Workout

IMG_9470Merry Christmas EVE! I know you’re tempted to skip your workout today but DONT!  There’s no need to.  Here’s a workout you can do in 8 minuets in your own home.  You don’t need any equipment so before your brain tries to convince you otherwise, grab your sneakers, and get moving!  Your kids or partner may want to join you so try to get them on board to make it a fun, group workout.  If you’re familiar with tabata style workouts then you can also use these 4 moves for an 8min tabata round. Click on this link for a tabata timer you can use for free if  you don’t already have one.  Otherwise, follow the directions below and please warm up if you haven’t already!

Also, if you haven’t already please watch today’s Fox New’s My Carolinas segment!  I work hard on the material I put out for all you guys so watching, liking, re-posting and sharing what you like on social media is the best way you can show me your gratitude and help me get to where I want to be:)  Click here or on the picture to see today’s segment.

Warm Up:  5min of stair climbing w/ 20 crunches done every minuet (so you’ll end up doing 5 rounds of 20sit ups)

Christmas Eve ‘Quickie’ Workout

*Do each move in workout for 45sec, rest 15sec between moves
*Get as many rounds in as you have time for!

• Plie Squats
• Alt. Crescent Lunge
• Push Up Kick Through (modification: Mountain Climbers)
• Crab Kicks
• Side to Side Jump Squats


Hold Camel Pose for 10-30sec.