Love Your Body

For most of my childhood and young adult years I felt ashamed about my body and wished parts of it were different. I was constantly comparing myself to others and It wasn’t till I started taking care of myself by eating ‘good for my bod’ foods & exercising in ways I enjoyed that I really learned to love my body.

You can learn how to love your body by acknowledging the things that make you feel grateful for it.  For example, Ive recently been in awe of the miracle behind pregnancy, childbirth and the ability to nourish and feed my newborn. I not only feel grateful for my body right now but that feeling translates into respect and makes me want to take best care of myself too.

I know pregnancy & childbirth is an extreme example but you can find simple, everyday reasons to be grateful too like;
-being able to enjoy a walk on a beautiful day
-being able to embrace & hug a loved one
-being able to enjoy & digest delicious foods
-recovering from a recent illness or surgery
-being able to run around with your kids
It’s all about not taking our bodies for granted & realizing a deep rooted gratefulness for what they do for us. So count the reasons you’re grateful for your bod today and dont trash talk it to yourself or to others. Instead, be kind. The more you do this the sooner it’ll become habit & before you know it you’ll learn to love & respect your amazing, one of a kind body.

Tighten Core after Baby: Postpartum Training

Begin drawing your deep set, inner abs back toward your spine right after baby with this breathing and ab strengthening technique I called Vacuum Breathing. But first, heres a little lesson on exactly what were doing and why it works…

The inner abdominal muscles (Transversus Abdominus and Lumbar Multifidus) support posture, control deep breathing and provide back support. After pregnancy they are stretched and weakened so using this move will help build a stronger inner abdominal wall so that we can regain strength in our deep set, supporting core muscles. The result is an all over tighter core, relief from pain you may feel in your back and added power to your training.

Do this move 3-5x’s per week.
3 sets, 5 reps (no rest between reps).
Rest 30sec. between sets.

Standing Vaccum

Standing Vacuum
1. Stand up straight, heels below hips, shoulders relaxed down your back.
2. Inhale and feel your lungs expand.
3. Exhale and draw abs in toward your spine for a 1, 2, 3 count then hold breath and ab contraction for 3, 2, 1 count.
4. Inhale and slowly release. Repeat.
Practice making these movements simultaneous as you EXHALE. This will take time to master so be patent with yourself.
-shoulders slide down your back (they have a tendency to want to rise up toward earlobes)
-pull abs in toward your spine
-pull pelvic floor up and in

Bent Over Vacuum

Bent Over Vacuum
1. Stand with upper body folded over your low body. Place hands on thighs, heels aligned below hips, slight bend in your knees, weight in your heels and belly relaxed. Be sure that your back is flat and relax your eye gaze as you look straight ahead.
2. Inhale and feel lungs expand.
3. Exhale and move slowly for 1, 2, 3 counts while tucking your chin to chest and your tailbone under as you round and create a “c” curve throughout your whole spine. Pull your abs in as tight as you can and feel pelvic floor move up and in. Once you’ve emptied your breath and reached your maximum effort hold for 3, 2, 1 count.
4. Slowly release as you inhale creating a straight, long spine once more. Repeat.
Practice making these movements simultaneous as you EXHALE. This will take time to master so be patient with yourself.
-total rounding of spine (tuck chin to chest, scoop hips under)
-pull abs in toward your spine
-pull pelvic floor up and in