Sleep Well Prego!



So Hubby may be annoyed that there’s ahem, a ‘third person’ in your bed putting space between you and him but he’ll have to get over it for the next several months because if you’re at the point in your pregnancy where you need to sleep on your side then doing it with a body pillow is the only way to rest peacefully!
A body pillow does cover a lot of bases and some women find that its the only support they need while side sleeping during their pregnancy but I like to rest on a neck countering pillow and I like to use mid spine support too.
The body pillow helps keep shoulders and hips aligned while side sleeping and the neck pillow helps keep the cervical spine in line too.  There are many mid spine support pillows out there but I made mine by rolling up a bath mat and securing it with rubber bands.  It works fabulously!  I also love sleeping with my baobeimaternity support band on because it gives me the gentle support my abdominal muscles while I sleep.  You may not realize this but when we sleep the abdominal muscles completely relax which can stretch the muscles overtime so gentle support while sleeping is a good idea.
If you’re not using support pillows, or if you’re not using the right kind of support pillows, you may wake up feeling achy and groggy due to misaligned joints which cause poor blood flow and you may be having incomplete sleep cycles due to discomfort.  Really consider making some of the changes I suggest in this post because sleep is the most precious form of fuel for us and for baby right now!  So lets use all the tools we have to get the quality rest tonight.  Sleep Tight Pregos!


FoxNews Workout Wednesday, The Supple Spine: Back bending

IMG_8401Today on Fox46 MyCarolinas I went over increasing your mobility by back bending. Click here or on the photo above to watch me take Erick through the back bending routine!

The Supple Spine: Back Bending

If you think about it, most of our daily movements are spent in forward motion. We don’t spend time defying gravity by moving side to side, upside-down, or backward, it just feels natural to bend forward. It’s also the obvious thing to do when picking something off the floor. But backbends offer a new way to move our spine. They create a balance between our everyday movement while breaking-up the rigidity and poor alignment of our spine.
Backbends also alleviate chronic back pain which is an epidemic in our society today. Because backbends stretch the heart they relieve tensions stored in the muscles and help send off natural pain-killers throughout the body and particularly in the areas surrounding the spine. They are also know for treating depression and boosting the immune system.

Try holding each pose for 15sec or more. You can stretch too much so stay connected to your body and don’t push so hard that you lose control of your body. You’ll make advancements and get deeper into these poses each time you practice so be patient and remember to breathe.

-Ly on 2, Yoga Blocks to open through chestIMG_8405
*option: use barbell to ground upper body with straight arms overhead
-Hip Bridge
Roll shoulders down and into mat as you raise your hips. Keep feet hip width apart and palms pressed into the mat or interlaced below your spine.

-Wheel IMG_8399
Open through your upper body & strengthen the low body with this pose. Bring your hands on either side of your ears and keep elbows tracking over your wrists as you lift into wheel and push your upper body forward. To lift higher, squeeze & shorten through the front of your hips and extend through your low back. Work to straighten arms by stacking elbows over wrists, shoulders over elbows.  Feel your shoulder blades slide down your back and keep space between your shoulders & ears. The low body provides the power in this pose so keep your butt tight and push the floor away.
-Camel Pose
Knees & feet hip distance apart, place hands on low back while squeezing elbows together. Drop he’d back and slowly fall back until you can reach the back of your feet. Place palms on feet and drive your hips forward, keeping flutes tight and feeling the extreme opening through your chest. Walk your hands up your back, head and neck are last as you lift up one vertebrae at a time to come out of this pose.

Advanced click on pics to get instructions on how to do these poses

Hallow Back











Note: If you are going through a sequence of backbends, forward bends and other counter postures should be added between. Hold them for double the time as the backbends.