NYE Party Eating Tips!


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IMG_9704Keeping a healthy diet is all about balance between the carbs, protein and fats you’re taking in so that same rules apply with you’re out at a party. If you’re drinking then your body is taking in a lot of simple carbs so it needs nutrient rich veggies (especially the been ones!) and protein. If you don’t drink then you don’t have to worry about skipping carbs as much but you still want to stay away from simple carbs like bread, chips and dessert.

IMG_9709Foods to Avoid…
-Spinach Artichoke Dip: 220cals/ 1/4cup
-Egg Rolls: 150-200/roll
-Fried Chicken Nuggets: 190/2 nuggets
-Cake w/ Frosting: 506cals/ 1/12 slice

Foods to Go For…
-Chicken, Beef or Shrimp skewers
-1/4 cup Guacamole, Hummus or Salsa
-Fresh Veggies cooked or raw

IMG_9707Whenever Im at a party with an open buffet and bar I usually have one drink while mingling a bit, then I go fill a plate with chicken skewers, cooked veggies and maybe one indulgent item if theres something there that I really like. Once I’m done eating I don’t eat for the rest of the night. This way Im having a meal in one sitting instead of picking at food all night. Its healthier for my body and its easier track of what Ive eaten that evening too.

Here’s a few more tips for keeping your NYE Celebration as low calorie as possible…
-Alternate a glass of water or seltzer with lime for every alcoholic drink that you consume.
-Use low-calorie mixers like seltzer or diet soda. Skip regular sodas and fruit juice mixers.
-Clear doesn’t mean calorie free. Tonic water has the same calories as regular soda, so look for “diet tonic water” or use seltzer water or club soda as a mixer.
-Cut 25% – 40% of the calories in a 12 ounce beer when you choose “light” or “ultra-light” versions.