3 Tips for Success in Weight Loss and Keeping Your Diet Clean

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Here are 3 Tips for Success in Weight Loss over the next 4weeks for my DietBeter’s!

1. Plan and Prep your Foods for the Weekpixlr_20160814155408323
Planning and prepping your meals is the #1 way people stay on track with their clean eating diets and lose weight as a result. Plan out what you want to eat, (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks) throughout the week then get to the grocery store to pick up your foods.
Weight loss macros are: 50% protein, 30% complex carbs and 20% healthy fat.
So think lean meats, tons of veggies and healthy fats like avocado, nuts and plant based oils for cooking.
The next step is to prep your foods so they’re easy to grab or assemble during the rush of your busy week. Make snack packs with a 1/4cup nuts per bag and keep them handy in your purse or car, bake sweet potatoes in bulk so you can grab 1/2 of one for a filling snack or side dish, or hard boil eggs so you can grab them on the go for a perfectly balanced snack. You can also freeze these pre made breakfast frittatas, or pre-assemble these Jar Salads for lunch. Its all about not having to be in a position where you don’t have control over what you’re eating.

2. Buy your Favorite Health Magazines
Spread your favorite health magazines around the house to help keep wellness on your mind. Put magazines on your kitchen table, on your night side table and on the family room ottoman too! Casually reading them creates a subtle but effective way to stay motivated and on the right path.

3. Plan to Get 8hrs of Sleep and Don’t Eat 2hrs Before Bed
Eating before bed can mess with the quality of your sleep so give yourself 2hrs of food free time before you finally rest your head.
There are hundreds of documented studies done on the truth behind of lack of sleep and how it leads to weight gain and the reason behind it is without sleep the body doesn’t function optimally. Lack of sleep can slow our metabolism and cause changes in our hormonal balance which send signals to the brain telling us we’re hungry for food when really we’re just hungry for sleep. And guess what foods fatigue causes us to crave… sugar. The stuff we’ve gotta stay away from so we can lose weight. So give yourself a weight loss advantage by getting into a routine of regular, quality sleep.

Winter Dehydration- What are the signs and how you can avoid it


Are you feeling particularly thirsty recently? Right now our bodies are adjusting to the cold temps❄, we’re indulging more in treats and cocktails🍰🍸 and we’re also on the move a bit more just trying to tie up loose ends before Christmas is here- all these things combined can lead to dehydration if we don’t stay on top of it.

💧Dehydration Signs💧
-dull headache btw eyebrows
-sleepy & irritable
-excessively hungry! Dehydration disguises itself as hunger sometimes👓
-dull yellow or dark urine
-bad breath
-high pulse

💧How to Hydrate Efficiently💧
-carry a water bottle with you at all times
-add ginger, lemon or fruit to dress water up a bit
-hydrate before and after (not during) exercise
-DIY Electrolyte Drink: add lemon & sprinkle of salt to water🍋
-drink 1, 4-8oz glass after every alcoholic drink you consume
-eat water filled produce like; pineapple, apple, banana, fig, cantaloupe & oranges. These foods are not just full of h2o but they’re high in nutrient value too.