Love Your Body

For most of my childhood and young adult years I felt ashamed about my body and wished parts of it were different. I was constantly comparing myself to others and It wasn’t till I started taking care of myself by eating ‘good for my bod’ foods & exercising in ways I enjoyed that I really learned to love my body.

You can learn how to love your body by acknowledging the things that make you feel grateful for it.  For example, Ive recently been in awe of the miracle behind pregnancy, childbirth and the ability to nourish and feed my newborn. I not only feel grateful for my body right now but that feeling translates into respect and makes me want to take best care of myself too.

I know pregnancy & childbirth is an extreme example but you can find simple, everyday reasons to be grateful too like;
-being able to enjoy a walk on a beautiful day
-being able to embrace & hug a loved one
-being able to enjoy & digest delicious foods
-recovering from a recent illness or surgery
-being able to run around with your kids
It’s all about not taking our bodies for granted & realizing a deep rooted gratefulness for what they do for us. So count the reasons you’re grateful for your bod today and dont trash talk it to yourself or to others. Instead, be kind. The more you do this the sooner it’ll become habit & before you know it you’ll learn to love & respect your amazing, one of a kind body.

Winter Dehydration- What are the signs and how you can avoid it


Are you feeling particularly thirsty recently? Right now our bodies are adjusting to the cold temps❄, we’re indulging more in treats and cocktails🍰🍸 and we’re also on the move a bit more just trying to tie up loose ends before Christmas is here- all these things combined can lead to dehydration if we don’t stay on top of it.

💧Dehydration Signs💧
-dull headache btw eyebrows
-sleepy & irritable
-excessively hungry! Dehydration disguises itself as hunger sometimes👓
-dull yellow or dark urine
-bad breath
-high pulse

💧How to Hydrate Efficiently💧
-carry a water bottle with you at all times
-add ginger, lemon or fruit to dress water up a bit
-hydrate before and after (not during) exercise
-DIY Electrolyte Drink: add lemon & sprinkle of salt to water🍋
-drink 1, 4-8oz glass after every alcoholic drink you consume
-eat water filled produce like; pineapple, apple, banana, fig, cantaloupe & oranges. These foods are not just full of h2o but they’re high in nutrient value too.