Winter Dehydration- What are the signs and how you can avoid it


Are you feeling particularly thirsty recently? Right now our bodies are adjusting to the cold temps❄, we’re indulging more in treats and cocktails🍰🍸 and we’re also on the move a bit more just trying to tie up loose ends before Christmas is here- all these things combined can lead to dehydration if we don’t stay on top of it.

💧Dehydration Signs💧
-dull headache btw eyebrows
-sleepy & irritable
-excessively hungry! Dehydration disguises itself as hunger sometimes👓
-dull yellow or dark urine
-bad breath
-high pulse

💧How to Hydrate Efficiently💧
-carry a water bottle with you at all times
-add ginger, lemon or fruit to dress water up a bit
-hydrate before and after (not during) exercise
-DIY Electrolyte Drink: add lemon & sprinkle of salt to water🍋
-drink 1, 4-8oz glass after every alcoholic drink you consume
-eat water filled produce like; pineapple, apple, banana, fig, cantaloupe & oranges. These foods are not just full of h2o but they’re high in nutrient value too.

Sleep Well Prego!



So Hubby may be annoyed that there’s ahem, a ‘third person’ in your bed putting space between you and him but he’ll have to get over it for the next several months because if you’re at the point in your pregnancy where you need to sleep on your side then doing it with a body pillow is the only way to rest peacefully!
A body pillow does cover a lot of bases and some women find that its the only support they need while side sleeping during their pregnancy but I like to rest on a neck countering pillow and I like to use mid spine support too.
The body pillow helps keep shoulders and hips aligned while side sleeping and the neck pillow helps keep the cervical spine in line too.  There are many mid spine support pillows out there but I made mine by rolling up a bath mat and securing it with rubber bands.  It works fabulously!  I also love sleeping with my baobeimaternity support band on because it gives me the gentle support my abdominal muscles while I sleep.  You may not realize this but when we sleep the abdominal muscles completely relax which can stretch the muscles overtime so gentle support while sleeping is a good idea.
If you’re not using support pillows, or if you’re not using the right kind of support pillows, you may wake up feeling achy and groggy due to misaligned joints which cause poor blood flow and you may be having incomplete sleep cycles due to discomfort.  Really consider making some of the changes I suggest in this post because sleep is the most precious form of fuel for us and for baby right now!  So lets use all the tools we have to get the quality rest tonight.  Sleep Tight Pregos!