12 Maternity Wardrobe Must Haves


Maternity Must Haves

Every Day Staple Items

1. Splits59 Ashby Tank

These were my favorite tops for layering or working out before my last pregnancy but I fell in love with them all over again during my pregnancy! Its all about the high quality fabric of this tank that makes it special. Its really soft and stretches for my growing belly but it never loses its original shape so they feel and look the way they did before my pregnancy. And items you can wear before, during and after pregnancy are always worth the purchase. I love love love this tank.

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2. PattyBoutik Maxi Dress

This dress always made me feel beautiful throughout my pregnancy. It transitioned well through 3 trimesters, looking appropriate and hugging my bod in all the right spots as I grew and it transitioned well between the seasons too. I wore it alone with statement jewelry in the Summer, with a light jacket and booties in Fall and with tall boots and buttoned down, flannel shirts tied up over my belly in the winter.

3. BaoBei Maternity Belly Band

I wore this belly band around my hips earlier on in pregnancy and up around my belly toward the end. It gave me the hip stability I needed while walking early on and it gave me back support as my belly got so big toward the end. I even slept in them! They also work great as a way to cover your unbuttoned pants or to add length to any shirt you’re wanting to rock.

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4. Tom’s Ware Sleeveless Midi Dress

This dress was so cute through all seasons of my pregnancy. In Summer I wore it with flat, strappy sandals and a statement necklace, Fall was booties, jean jacket and scarf with statement earrings and Winter was leggings, black wedge booties and a crop jacket to show off my bump.

5. A Pea in the Pod Stripe Tee

This tee is super soft and looks stylish paired with skirts & leggings. You can also throw a jacket over it, add a scarf and easily dress it up or down. So versatile. I bought one in black and white and wore it once a week throughout my whole pregnancy.

6. Mio Tummy Rub

As a stretch mark prone momma, Ive tried everything on the market to prevent them! This product is my absolute favorite. It feels like velvet on my skin and has no smell. It was such a relief to find after using so many highly recommended oils that made me feel gross and left oil stains on my clothes and made my bathroom countertop messy and oily too. Now I know theres no need for all of that. I use this product and I also gently exfoliate my belly 3xs per week with a baiden mitten, then apply the tummy rub right afterward for max absorption. Ill continue to use this product after baby comes to help my skin tighten back up too. So far… it works!!


7. Black Maternity Leggings

Every prego needs black maternity leggings because they are so so comfortable. You can dress them up or down and will wear them a lot! I bought two pair and wore a hole through one pair toward the end of my last pregnancy because I wore them out with heels and a short dress or booties and a long shirt. I wore them when neighbors hopped over to hang out for a bit and I even wore them to bed in the winter! These are a must buy in my book!

8. H&M High Waisted Jeans

I wore this $25 pair of H&M High Waisted Jean for months 3-7 of my pregnancy.  I sized up and because they’re made from super stretchy material I was able to zip them over my bump and although they looked so silly without a shirt on, once I added a longer shirt, I looked and felt like I had typical, comfy & stylish jeans on. They may not last you your whole pregnancy but they’re much cheaper than maternity jeans so I definitely thought they were worth the purchase. Also, if the fit of maternity jeans just don’t work for you (they were always sagging on me- I ended up re-selling the 2 pair I bought) and you’re a jean wearing phene like me, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how these jeans work for you.

Workout Clothes

9. Racerback Maternity Tank

I loved the soft fabric of this tank along with fact that it covered my belly so well. I also appreciated the conservative cut of the scoop neck. Kept my prego breasts concealed while I was moving freely in my workouts.

10. Any Long Workout Tanks

I went to Marshalls and bought a few inexpensive long workout tanks in one size up for 2nd trimester and 2 sizes up for my third trimester and they all worked perfectly.  Just get stretchy, soft material that won’t be itchy on your skin.

11. High-Waisted Workout Leggings

I never found maternity workout leggings I liked. Instead I bought about 3 pair of high-waisted leggings that were 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my typical size. I rolled them down under my belly as I got bigger and wore the high waist over my belly for months 3-7. The leggings that were 2 sizes bigger did ride down a bit and that was annoying but overall it’s what worked for me. I found typical maternity leggings to be too see through for my taste and all the maternity workout leggings I tried on looked matronly to me so sticking with non-maternity, high-waisted pants that were one size bigger is what worked best.

High waisted leggings can be found everywhere these days! My favorite is Dharma Bums but Fabletics, Lululemon, Splits59 and Target all have great options too.

12. Stability Workout Shoes

I usually wear minimalist shoes but could feel my hip stabilization being thrown off somewhere around month 4 of pregnancy so I knew it would be a good idea to go back to a more supportive shoe that would help keep proper alignment in my low body. When I went to the running store to get my gait checked, I was indeed rolling my ankles inward (very common amongst pregnancy women) so I ended up with a Brooks stability shoe that helped correct my stride. I found myself wearing them around the house just because I felt more natural standing and walking in them than being barefoot.

You dont have to splurge on Brooks though. I have a lot of pregnant friends and clients who love their stability lending and more affordable, Sketchers too. Just make sure you’re wearing comfortable, supportive shoes because doing the opposite can throw off the alignment of your legs, hips and spine which leads to more aches and pains no pregnant woman needs more of!

Plank or Not to Plank? Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Plank. Is it Good or Bad during pregnancy and postpartum?

Plank or not to plank, that is a big pre and postnatal exercise question these days! The answer on what to do lys within where you’re at in your core strength. Look over and ask yourself these 3 questions to find out if you should be planking right now.

1. Can you engage your deep set core muscles?
These muscles ly between your rib cage and hips and incorporate the back muscles from rib cage to low spine too. When you plank you should be able to feel these muscles tighten and move inward and toward one another creating a solid support system for your spine and the rest of your body. If your back hurts or if you’re just not sure whether you’re engaging your ab muscles then lay off and use the modifications I’ve listed in this post until your muscles are ready for the more advanced, plank pose.
2. Do you have separated abs or Is there a conning shape in your abdomen when you try to plank?
If so then you should begin with modifications to strengthen your core and work you about muscles toward one another before you plank.
3. Are you in 3rd trimester or less than 6weeks postpartum?
Every body is different so this rule isn’t for everyone but for most women doing plank in 3rd trimester is dangerous because most of us can’t connect with the deeply set core muscles and post partum we need a good amount of time to heal before we try to engage with moves like plank. In third trimester and up until about 3months post partum I suggest doing modifications to strengthen the core and prepare it for future planking.

🍼Prenatal Plank Modifications🍼
*see pictures below*
-Reverse Table Hold
-Kneeling Spinal Balance
-Side Plank
-Cat Cow
-Camel Pose

👶Postnatal Plank Modifications👶
-Stability Ball Forearm Rolling

-Triceps Push Up Hold
-Plank with towel btw thighs
-Vaccum Breathing

-Hip Bridge Spinal Rolling


spinal balance finalSPINAL BALANCE

2rounds, 8reps on each side

1. Begin on all fours, knees below hips and hands just under shoulders.
2. Engage abdomen by pulling belly in toward spine.
3. Exhale and round in to hug baby closer to your spine as you pull Rt. elbow to Lt. Knee. They do not have to touch.
4. Inhale, extend and lengthen arm and leg, looking forward and pulling shoulders down your back while lifting up through your back body. Try to Lt. keep knee and toe at hip height, no higher.  Lt hip is pointing down toward the ground vs being open. Squeeze inner thighs together and keep shoulders unshrugged.
5. Thats one rep. Repeat movement 7 more times.
reverse table final
3rounds, 8reps, 30sec rest btw rounds
1. Begin in seated posit with hands under shoulders, knees bent and feet hip distance apart and flat on the ground.
2. Press through palms and especially through the inside of your feet as you lift your hips high into table top pose.
3. Hold for 2 breaths as you imagine stretching your hips up to the ceiling as if they could touch. Stretch and simultaneously press down through your thumbs, opening through your chest, and down through your big toes while keeping knees in line with your hips.
4. Drop your booty back to the floor with control.
5. Thats one rep. Repeat movement 7 more times.
side crunch final
2rounds, 8reps each side
1.Begin kneeling on your side with knee stacked under hips, hand under shoulder and top arm and leg stretching in opposite directions. Feel rooted through your extended/top leg’s foot and through your bent knee and arm. Check to make sure your body is in one line from the top of your head to your stacked shoulders, hips, legs and feet.
2. Stretch long though your side abs then exhale, crunch as you bring elbow and knee to meet in the middle of your body. You should feel your abs pulling inward as you crunch in. Also, side abs, back and outer thigh contract during this movement.
3. Inhale and stretch back out to beginning position. Thats one rep. Do 7more!
side plank final
2rounds, 20-45sec hold
1. Start with bottom knee one ground and top leg extended. Once you feel balanced you can kick your bottom foot up under your top foot for side plank hold. It helps to lean your head back, open through your chest and push hips forward as you lift your underside up higher toward the ceiling.
2. If you are unstable than gently bend your top leg and drop your foot behind your opposite knee. This will give you a little lift and support. *Continue to exhale while pulling abs in toward your spine because this is the most important part of this move.
3. If side plank is easy for you try lifting your top leg for more of a challenge.
Camel Final
*This pose is not for everyone but I encourage you to try it! It’ll alleviate back body and hip tension and has relaxing effects from opening through the front body too. You can hold this pose at any point so if you need to stop at #2 or #3 thats ok! Hold there for 2-3 breaths and over time you will be able to go deeper into camel.
Camel Pose
hold for 3-5breaths
1. Begin kneeling with palms pushing into low back, elbows squeezed together, chest open and lifted, booty so so tight and hips pouch forward.
2. Drop your head back completely to release cervical spine muscles and walk your hands down your back to eventually find your feet.
3. Keep pressing hips forward, booty is solid and tight, belly relaxed as you continue to backbend and find the bottom of your feet. Now place palms on the back of your feet for the final pose.
4. Press palms into your feet so hard that your arms straighten and open the chest. Keep chest lifted and push hips so far forward that you feel like you could sling out of this pose. Keep head and neck relaxed as you inhale to fill the chest and exhale go deep into the pose.
5. Now come up the way you went down. Head is the last thing to rise. Walk hands back up your legs till you find your low back. Snake up 1 vertebrae at a time, *head and neck are last*
6. Exhale as you slowly make your way onto your heels (hero pose).
Prego Vinyasa Final
Do 5-10rounds
There are several parts of this sequence that are optional. Listen to your body. If you cannot stay engaged through your abdomen or if you have pain anywhere then do the modifications or skip vinyasa till you are post partum. Not every pregnancy is meant for vinyasa flow.
1. Down Dog. Pull abs in, feel shoulders side down your back toward your hips as you press the floor away. Down Dog is rooted through the legs so try to press your heels into the ground which will open your hamstrings. Your body will allow you to fully open through your hamstrings if you contract and pull your quads up into your thighs. Set your body up here for 3 breaths before you begin to flow.
2. Shift out into plank (immediately drop to your knees for the modification) for 1 breath.
3. Drop to your knees, lift your chest for a modified up dog.
4. *Optional Gentle Back Bend: Toes touch and head reaches around and back as if they could touch. Keep booty tight.
5. *Optional: Breathe in. Straighten Legs by pressing toes into the ground, pulling quads into your thighs, eye gaze lifted, chest open, body strong. Modification is Cat Pose.
6. Exhale and lift hips by pulling belly in for dog down. Do 5-10 rounds being sure to breathe through each movement you make.