FoxNews Workout Wednesday: ChristmasEve ‘Quickie’ Workout

IMG_9470Merry Christmas EVE! I know you’re tempted to skip your workout today but DONT!  There’s no need to.  Here’s a workout you can do in 8 minuets in your own home.  You don’t need any equipment so before your brain tries to convince you otherwise, grab your sneakers, and get moving!  Your kids or partner may want to join you so try to get them on board to make it a fun, group workout.  If you’re familiar with tabata style workouts then you can also use these 4 moves for an 8min tabata round. Click on this link for a tabata timer you can use for free if  you don’t already have one.  Otherwise, follow the directions below and please warm up if you haven’t already!

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Warm Up:  5min of stair climbing w/ 20 crunches done every minuet (so you’ll end up doing 5 rounds of 20sit ups)

Christmas Eve ‘Quickie’ Workout

*Do each move in workout for 45sec, rest 15sec between moves
*Get as many rounds in as you have time for!

• Plie Squats
• Alt. Crescent Lunge
• Push Up Kick Through (modification: Mountain Climbers)
• Crab Kicks
• Side to Side Jump Squats


Hold Camel Pose for 10-30sec.

Motivation Monday – Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Its Monday and your weekend festivities may have you feeling sluggish today so get your sweat on and give your body what it needs!  Today I’m giving you a full body fat burn workout that uses minimal equipment and can be done in about 30min.  So forward this post to your workout partner or tag them on social media if you’re wanting a tighter derier to flaunt in those skinny jeans this winter!
1467244_245394452292734_296373967_n__77932.1408244289.1280.1280Oh and if you like to jump rope or need an excuse to get into it check out @prjumpropes .  They make custom ropes like green & blue one I’m using in the workout video below and the pink and green one in this picture.  They’re only $25 and the design of this rope has made a big difference in my progress with double unders.  It’s my favorite jump rope yet!♥️

☀️Happy Monday Guys!!

Equipment: 2 cones, jump rope, box jump or stairs w/ wide base
*Set up two cones 40yds apart

🔹Full Body Fat Burn Workout🔹

  • 40yd dash, 100% effort on sprint
  • Run Backward
  • Walking Lunge w Twist
  • Walking Reverse Lunge
  • 1min Jump Rope
  • Single Leg Cone Tap x10 each side
  • Quick Feet on high incline x50
  • Incline Push Ups x10
  • 180 pivot Squat Jumps on incline x10
  • 5rounds, 5 Dips then 5sec hold, by lifting opposite leg and arm, pulling in through the belly

rest 2min

Repeat 2 more x’s