Your 1st Postpartum Exercise Move

Vacuum Breathing

Start this breathing technique to begin engaging the pelvic floor and abdomen at about a week postpartum. Try both positions, standing and hunch back, to see how you feel it most.

Standing Vaccum
How To: Stand in mountain pose (heels below hips, quads contracted, inner thighs spiraling in toward each other, spine straight, chin lifted, eye gaze soft) and Inhale while feeling lungs expand & press against the sides of your ribs, now Exhale while dropping your shoulders down your back, pulling the pelvic floor up & in and pulling your abs closer to your spine so your whole core is tight.  Hold for 3 counts. Now release abs and pelvic floor completely. Rest for a breath and repeat 4 more times.
How To: Stand with feet hip distance apart, hands on your knees, back rounded and belly relaxed. Now inhale and tighten abs by pulling them up and in toward your spine and lifting pelvic floor up. Hold for 5 counts, then slowly release completely relaxing belly & pelvic floor before you begin again. Repeat 4 more times.


Pelvic Tilt & Lift should be started after you’ve been cleared for exercise by your doctor. Its a restorative move that overtime will tighten the pelvic hammock and increase the overall tone of the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Tilt&Lift

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