Personal Fitness Journey

I was pudgy growing up but slimmed out in my early teens as I got into field hockey, track an lacrosse.  From that point on I realized that exercise and movement was something I needed to feel my best so after high school I continued to make it a priority in the only way I really knew how… running.  Oh how I loved running!  I loved the stress relief it gave me, the fresh air, and quick movement.  I was hooked and craved the runners high I got every time!  Eventually I hurt my knee and had to stop running.  I was devastated and I reluctantly traded runs with group classes at the gym and cardio workouts on the elliptical.  I WAS SO BORED and pudgy from partying too much in college and being unengaged during my workouts.

It wasn’t till my boyfriend (and now husband) taught me how to lift weights that I became interested and excited about exercise again.  Once I saw how weight lifting tightened and sculpted my body (I, like so many women, was skeptical of weights because I didn’t want to bulk) I started looking into the details and science behind muscle strengthening and was intrigued and fascinated by the process.  I continued to dig in deeper and wanted to know more about wellness & exercise and in the process of collecting information I realized the passion I had for changing other people’s lives through good health.  Thats when I took a HUGE leap of faith and quit my chemical sales job to become a personal trainer.

My fitness journey continued evolve once I became a trainer.  I used myself (and some willing clients:)) as a guinea pig and tested different diets and workout approaches on my body just to see what the outcome was.  When I first started training I worked in a gym with a lot of guys and would hang with them during their athletic training workouts where we did ladder drills, plyometric work and power lifting.  I was tight and sore so much of the time and while I loved the feeling I knew that I needed another component to complete my fitness regimen.  Thats when I added pilates and yoga which lengthened my muslces and gave me a leaner (verus bully) look.  I loved the new way it challenged my body and strengthened my core.  I was hooked on heavy the weight training, plyometrics and yoga combo and still am!

Post pregnancy I really struggled with weight loss and to this day, it was the hardest weight I ever had to lose.  I gained 31lbs and lost about 20lbs almost immediately but that last 11lbs was the most stubborn weight my body every carried.  It took me about 6-9months to loose the weight and start feeling like myself again.  Im sure I could have lost the weight sooner but I definitely prioritized breastfeeding and had trouble maintaining my supply after rigorous workouts.   This meant I had to scale back on my workouts more than I wanted to just to keep enough breast milk flowing!  It was hard to prioritize breastfeeding over exercise and getting my body back and I am embarrassed to admit that!  But thank goodness I had my priorities in line.  No regrets.  Im glad I put Lucas and bonding with him and giving him the nutrients he needed through breast milk first.

As a busy wife, mom & business owner this is the workout regimen that consistently works for me.  Weight lifting 2-3x’s per week, interval training 1-2x’s per week, cardio training 2x’s per week, yoga 1x per week.  All of this doesn’t happen every week but its what I strive to achieve!

In terms of nutrition I’ve tried juicing, elimination diets, low carb intake, supplementing, smoothie cleanses and more.  But what I find time and time again is that being basic and simple when approaching diet is whats best.  (there’s more about about this in “My Food Philosophy”).

fully prego
Here I am 3 days before Lucas was born. He was 2 weeks late and it was the hottest summer of my life! He was born on July 26th 2012:)

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