My Food Approach

DSCN0276Mmm I love food and am getting hungry while thinking about it now!  My philosophy on nutrition is to eat fresh, whole foods and to keep food as close to its natural state as possible.  You may notice that some of my recipes are rich and that is because I believe in eating food that is satisfying and full of flavor!  Enjoying a small portion of a homemade brownie or cheesecake is not the reason you may be overweight.  In fact small portions of REAL foods will keep you thin indefinitely!  Its the processed, non-filling, non-satisfying junk which has overwhelmed our grocery stores that will cause weight gain and keep you on that crazy hamster wheel of dieting, over exercising, becoming an exhausted couch potato then dieting, over exercising…  You get the point?

Food is FUEL for our bodies.  There is no biological purpose for it to taste good!  It’s meant to help you see better, sleep more effectively, pay attention for longer periods of time, feel stronger and happier too.  Food can heal and food can harm.  The REAL stuff almost always heals and the fake stuff almost always harms.  But, “Can the REAL stuff taste good too?” you ask.  Absolutely!  Meal time is meant to be a pleasurable experience.  You should savor every bite of your food.  If you don’t find recipes you like here then don’t give up!  Continue the search for fresh food options you’ll enjoy.  There is a lot of great information and many good suggestions out there!


Some of you need to lose a significant amount (40lbs or more) of weight and for you, the rules change a bit until you get to a point where you’re 40lbs overweight or less.  Here are your basic weight loss guidelines…

  • Cut back on all sugars (this means any simple carb, like bread) and fats.
  • Eat mostly lean protein and veggies
  • Never use artificial ingredients like anything labeled diet ___, or artificial sugars in your coffee and stay away from most things labeled low fat too (low fat dairy is ok).

Again, just use less of the real stuff (sugar, oil and other fats).  This way you will begin to appreciate the rich flavors of naturally occurring foods.  Your goal is to create a habit of eating a clean diet.  Once this habit is formed, you will not only loose weight but you will be able to maintain your final, healthy weight. You’ll also lose fear of fluctuating on the scale because once you’ve trained your taste buds to enjoy REAL foods you’ll stop craving all the bad ones that were making you overweight to being with.

Like all things, this is a process.  You have to start somewhere and you have to anticipate struggle since change is rarely easy for us.  Keep yourself focused on where you’re going and why you’re making the changes and you’ll make it through the valleys.  Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed because they will lift you up when you need the support.  You can do it!  Just say ‘yes’ to the clean eating commitment today!  It’s just that simple.  Just start today.

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