Kemiko Concrete Floor Stain

  1. Check temperature over the span of a week.  Must be above 70deg.
  2. Clean floors with non acid concrete cleaner. TSP cleaner is ideal IF you don’t already have a painted floor.  Our floors were painted and a bit trickier to remove before staining.  We used Smart Strip Paint remover (available at Sherwin Williams, Walmart, Amazon), then let the concrete dry for several days (see directions on cleaning product).P1070735
  3. Spray layer 1 of aqua blue. Once its completely dried, spray layer 2.  Don’t worry, the color will be crazy when its developing, much like the pic you see here.  Thats not the color you’ll end up with.
  4. IMG_8811Now the design part comes in.  I sprayed a very diluted (3parts water, 1 part stain) black concrete stain in certain spots then went through with a sponge & sponge paint brush to add darker areas, change the shape and connect the black stain spots so that it resembled a turquoise stone. The result was not perfect.  But I really really love it.  Some people use pro concrete stainers but I love design and felt confident doing it on my own. If you need a pro concrete stainer then call Rodney at Kemiko Stain to get a recommendation for someone.
  5. Once your final product is completed, add the gloss coat to seal and protect your floors.  Wait several days till its dry before you move furniture on it because you may scratch the top coat.

Kemiko Concrete Stain


Charlotte, NC


c: 704 400 7661IMG_8808

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