Introducing Noell Yanik PreNatal Fitness!

Most of you know I am 5 months along in my pregnancy and am excited to announce the beginning of my Prenatal Fitness section in my blog and the new Prenatal videos I’ve added to my youtube account !

Pregnancy is such an incredible time in a woman’s life and although we are going through so many changes in such a short period of time we don’t have to be confused about what workouts & foods are good or bad for us at any point.  There’s a lot of recent information from credible sources like the ACOG and NIH that dispel past misunderstandings about which exercise moves we should and shouldn’t be doing, how high our heart rates can get during exercise, what foods aid in the creation of baby and what foods we should steer clear of and more.  I’m here to bring all this updated information to you so that together we can carry out healthy pregnancies with as much comfort and ease as possible.

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to see the new Prenatal Fitness portion of my blog 


There’s more coming and I’ll continue to add to the Postnatal section over the fall so look out for more information there too!

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