DETOX After Overindulging


After Overindulging

Did you jump aboard the Jagrmeister train or doughnut drive-in this weekend? For those who are interested in learning how to detox your body after a long weekend this article is for you. Barbeques, a long day at the lake, tailgating at your favorite team’s football game, whatever the occasion, we all drink or eat a little too much at times! There’s nothing wrong with having a little too much fun every once in a while; however for those who are suffering from nausea, pain, exhaustion or overall dread the next morning from an alcohol of food induced hangover, you need a trustworthy plan of attack to get back to your normal state. Your body needs to detox after such an event and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this article.

But first I MUST educate you on what excessive alcohol and overeating does to our bodies. Ladies, you can have about 2 drinks before your hormones begin to change and Men, you can have about 3 drinks before your body chemistry begins to change too.  That’s not very many, right?  It may be a limit that’s hard to get used to but here’s some incentive as to why you should show your body some respect and treat it like you love it…

Drinking too much can weaken your immune system, making your body a much easier target for disease– even up to 24 hours after getting drunk. Alcohol also interferes with the brain’s communication pathways and these disruptions can cause feelings of depression. Thats why hangovers usually make you anxious and feel low. Alcohol also strips the digestive tract of healthy bacteria that assist in digestion. These bacteria can be replaced over time with things like kefir or a pro-biotic supplement but in the meantime you’re stuck feeling a bit nauseous or constipated! Alcohol causes a lot of damage to the body so choose to be kind to yourself and drink responsibly. Now that I’ve said that, here are my tips for those times when you slip up, because we all do! 

Step 1- RE-Hydrate

Dehydration is a major concern after consuming too much alcohol or sugary and fattening foods, so getting as much water inside you as possible should be a major factor in any Alcohol Detox Treatment (try 2 gallons of water). This is going to help flush the toxins from your system.  Herbal teas are also very helpful.  Fennel, Mint and Dandelion are among the best for relieving an unsettled tummy and pressing re-start on the digestive tract.

Step 2- SWEAT

Another reason for drinking plenty of water is for my next step, which is a visit to the steam or sauna room. This is going to release toxins through the pores in your skin, and it will make you feel much better. Also try some exercise. Go for a walk or bike ride, just make sure you work up a sweat!  AGAIN- you must re-hydrate first because sweating too much without properly re-hydrating may actually have the reverse effect on your body.

Step 3- Drink your Fruit and Veggies

Drink vegetable and fruit juices. Juices detoxify your body from the inside out at a complete metabolic and cellular level. If you can stick to a juice diet for the day (or longer!) your body will surely heal itself by purifying your blood and releasing toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and skin.

Aside from drinking fruit and veggie juice, try not to eat too much animal fat and stick to eating fish or low-fat poultry. Lean meats will give you the protein you need to provide the sustenance and nutrition that your body needs while its working to get rid of toxins from alcohol and overeating.

Step 4- Sleep

One of the most important things you can do to regenerate and restart your body is sleep. During a food or alcohol induced hangover, your internal organs are working overtime trying to get your body back to where it should be and resting provides it with the energy to do so. Even if you have a busy day ahead, or responsibilities you just can’t shake, try taking a nap for a least a few hours.

Here’s a list of My Favorite Cleansing Foods. Nosh on these things anytime you’re feeling like pressing the re-set button.  They are all kind to the body and they’ll help replenish what you’ve lost.


Butternut Squash





fresh Ginger



Tilapia (or any kind of white fish)


2 thoughts on “DETOX After Overindulging

    • Hi hudsonhealthandfitness!
      Thanks and it happens to the best of us. Try these things…
      -Start the day with warm lemon water and wait 15min to eat or drink anything else
      -Sweat, you don’t have to kill yourself in a workout but a good 15min sweat will help get the funk out of your body.
      -Eat green! Anything, everything green.
      -Oatmeal is great in the morning if you still feel a bit queasy
      -2L h2o daily to help replenish your system
      -8hrs sleep at night * this is the most important one.
      Good Luck! Hope you feel better soon!

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