Fresh & Cleansing Summer Squash and Spicy Bean Hummus Wrap

I love how fresh and clean this wrap tastes.  The summer squash is so meaty and the cucumber is so sharp and crisp, mmm just so delicious!  I like to serve it next to soup.  Tomato is my very favorite.




Yellow & Green Summer Squash, sliced & sauteed

Cucumber, sliced

Spinach (handful)

Green Onion

Spicy Bean Dip




  1. Slice squash long ways on mandolin (1/8″ thick pieces)
  2. Sautee in pan, 1 layer at a time to ensure they are fully cooked, with olive oil, dash of salt and pepper. Store in tupperware, leave about 5 slices out for your wrap.
  3. Smear spicy bean dip on wrap, sprinkle chopped green onions, layer one side with cucumber and the other with squash then lay spinach on top of squash.
  4. Fold in half and voila!  You have a fresh, green wrap before you!

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