Latte Protein Shake

My favorite fast snack for a fast paced day when I could use the caffeine boost!IMG_2644

1 serving vanilla or chocolate *protein

1/2 cup almond milk

1/3 cup coffee

handful spinach (I use freeze dried greens sometimes too)

5-10 chocolate covered expresso nibs


blend and enjoy!

*I use different protein powders depending on what my needs are.  Here are the ones I like the most so far…

EASLean Whey Protein in FudgeChocolate: Cost effective and SO yummy I love this protein and I use this after I lift heavy weights.

Visalus Whey & Soy Blend:  I call this a beauty shake mix because its loaded with vitamins and minerals!  I use it when Im traveling or feeling like I can’t get in all the nutrients I need through real foods.  Its like a multivitamin but in shake meal replacement form!

Perfect Fit: I use this one when Im cleansing.  Its vegan and free of all 5 allergens so its easy for the body to digest.  It’s got a great amount of protein per serving which I really like.  It would be my overall favorite but unfortunately it has a chalky texture that urks me from time to time.  People do like it and it gets great reviews so I don’t want to completely discourage you from trying it.  Still, when Im cleansing and I need a meal replacement, this is my go to protein powder!


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