Apricots with Mascarpone & Pistachio

Wow your guests with this beautiful and classy appetizer…Apricots w/ Mars

Apricots with Mascarpone & Pistachio


1-2 dozen Dried Apricots

1 cup Mascarpone

1 Tbsp Orange Zest (or orange juice)

2-3 Tbsp Honey

Handful of Pistachios, chopped

Lemon Juice


1) Slice the dried apricots half way to make a pocket for the cheese and align on serving tray (most dried apricots come already sliced).

2) Zest 1 Tbsp orange

3) In a bowl, mix mascarpone, orange zest and honey.  Now using a butter knife, put abut a Tbsp of the mix inside the apricots.

4) Chop pistachios and lay out on a plate.  Now roll the mascarpone stuffed apricots in the copped pistachios.

5) Mix a dash of lemon juice and  about a Tbsp honey, now drizzle over apricots. (do this step right before serving)

6) Serve immediately or refrigerate for 3-4hrs.  (the apricots may dry out a bit if you make them too far in advance)

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