Fitness Method


My training method stems from a dynamic mix of weight training, interval training, yoga, tai chi &pilates. My signature moves and the way I sequence them through the workouts make my clients stronger, leaner, more flexible & agile as they begin to move with the precision of athletes. I believe in training through the ‘center line’ of the body- which runs through the instep of each foot, up through the inside of your knees & inner thighs, then pubic bone to sternum (or up through the spine) & through the center of your neck and face; this area is active in almost all moves from my workouts. The results are overall muscular balance while the core becomes the strongest part of the body.Final-24

Other fundamental tactics I use, especially with post partum training, is breath control and posture Final-5-edittraining. Exhaling while making certain movements allows for full contraction of the abdominal wall and better control over the pelvic floor. I sound like a broken record while training sometimes “exhale and pull the low belly in, inhale and expand the ribs.” Once I have my clients breathing properly I can advance them to posture training. I use yoga and back strengthening moves to relax shoulders back & down, open & stretch the chest, align hips and straighten the stride for an overall posture makeover! Who doesn’t want to stand up straighter and look more confident? I also couple heavy wights with yoga inspired moves which help build muscle & rev the metabolism. My training method is by brain child and I am proud of the results its brought and the lives its changed in men and women all over the country!


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

HumanKenetics, Winning Sports Nutrition 2nd ed.

HumanKenetics, Total Control, ‘Optimal Pelvic Floor Health’


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