Sleep Well Prego!



So Hubby may be annoyed that there’s ahem, a ‘third person’ in your bed putting space between you and him but he’ll have to get over it for the next several months because if you’re at the point in your pregnancy where you need to sleep on your side then doing it with a body pillow is the only way to rest peacefully!
A body pillow does cover a lot of bases and some women find that its the only support they need while side sleeping during their pregnancy but I like to rest on a neck countering pillow and I like to use mid spine support too.
The body pillow helps keep shoulders and hips aligned while side sleeping and the neck pillow helps keep the cervical spine in line too.  There are many mid spine support pillows out there but I made mine by rolling up a bath mat and securing it with rubber bands.  It works fabulously!  I also love sleeping with my baobeimaternity support band on because it gives me the gentle support my abdominal muscles while I sleep.  You may not realize this but when we sleep the abdominal muscles completely relax which can stretch the muscles overtime so gentle support while sleeping is a good idea.
If you’re not using support pillows, or if you’re not using the right kind of support pillows, you may wake up feeling achy and groggy due to misaligned joints which cause poor blood flow and you may be having incomplete sleep cycles due to discomfort.  Really consider making some of the changes I suggest in this post because sleep is the most precious form of fuel for us and for baby right now!  So lets use all the tools we have to get the quality rest tonight.  Sleep Tight Pregos!


You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet


You can’t out exercise a bad diet. This is one of the most common fitness facts I go over with my clients because so many people – including myself!- WANT and wish we could eat whatever we want and simply burn it off the next day but unfortunatley that’s not how it works and here’s why…

1. If you keep eating convenient, packaged foods after you’ve amped up your exercise game then it’s likely you’ll gain mass altogether and not the mass you want to gain. You’ll gain muscle but maintain or add to your fat weight creating a bigger physique versus the tighter, toned one you’re going for.

2. If you’re killing your workouts and eating poorly you won’t want to contine your workouts the way you would if you were eating clean. That’s because your body requires a certain energy that only clean foods can provide so if you’re not fueling yourself properly you’ll feel lethargic and incapable of performing your best.

3. You’re not a pro athlete who exercises for a living. You give your workouts 1hr about 4-6x ‘s per week which is not enough to burn all calories from the pizza, cake, beer & fries you’re consuming on a regular basis. These things are okay in moderation- I find it helps to follow the 80/20 plan to keep myself in check.

So keep it clean and remember that you’ll eat whatever is in your fridge & pantry so plan ahead and stock up on REAL FOOD to keep around you.  This way you’ll avoid temptation to indulge, you’ll feel better and more energetic and you’ll see the results from your workouts much faster too!