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I was asked to do a post for the Huffington Post and wanted got make sure you guys saw it.  I wrote about how to follow through on your goals to ensure that your dreams and aspirations will be met!  So read up to get an extra umph today and make sure you get all your votes in.  The last voting day is TOMORROW.  WOW!!!

Huffington Post by: Noell Yanik 7/30/2014

Don’t Stop Short of your Fitness Goals


FitFashionista- Summer/Fall Must Haves


You guys know I love all things fashionable!  One of my favorite things about girls trips is all the swapping of jewelry and clothes that goes on.  I must say I have many fabulous friends who inspire me with their creativity and help me put together trendy, funky and feminine outfits before a fun night out.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am after all a pre-occupied mommy, wife and business owner who looses track of whats ‘cool’ anymore so I need their help:)

But in the world of fitness fashions, I carry the torch!  Ha!  Yes, this is my realm and my area of fashion expertise.  Over the past 6years Ive lived in yoga pants and tennis shoes and have learned a thing or two about whats best!  After trying brand after brand to find whats durable and fashionable and won’t fade or stretch out I finally know exactly where to go to buy the items I need.  I still have an open mind and try new things from time to time but I want to share my Summer/Fall staple items with you.

This is my list of Tanks, Sports Bras, Shorts, Capris and more!  These items will allow you to get serious in the gym without having to readjust your top or shorts or reveal anything you don’t want people to see.  So lets talk about what’s going to make you feel good when your reflection is staring back at you and will be comfortable to move and sweat in too!  Here we go!


UnderArmour Victory Tank $24.99

This tank has been a staple in my wardrobe for years now.  Its incredible!  It doesn’t fade or stretch out.  The fabric is flattering to wear as it lys flat, doesn’t ride up and conceals the areas some of us don’t war to show (like under arms, back, cleavage).  This tank in black is my go-to if Im feeling a little bloated on any given day and want to cover up a bit more.

Zella Double Scoop Ocean Stripe Tank sale $24.90

Stylish and sweet, this tank’s moisture wicking fabric is soft on the skin and offers a conservative and flattering cut.

fintessfashionista pic
Here Im wearing the UA T-Back Tank, Champion T-Back Sports Bra & LuLulemon 4way stretch speed short. I got the UA tank in a large bc I wanted it to fit loosely and my LuLu shorts are a size 6. I am a little over 5’9″ and about 140lbs.

UnderArmour Achieve T-Back Tank sale $18.99

I have this tank in a size large and love how loose and airy it feels.  I like to wear it tucked into a pair of shorts or capri’s while running or cross training in the summer and warmer months.  Its super cute and is on sale right now.  SCORE!

Splits59 Danica Trailblazer Tank sale $37.00

Wow this tank is high class and sexy!  I love the shimmery fabric thats hidden in the back and the two tone v neck line in the front.  Splits59 is one of my favorite companies for many reasons but their choice of fabric is a major contributor to my opinion- this tank is vibrant in color and it won’t fade.  Its perfect for yoga, pilates, barre or a dance class like zumba.  Love it!  Its so stylish.

Sports Bra’s

High Impact- Juno Moving Comfort $56

The description says it all.  If you need high impact bras for running or plyometric training then this is your bra.  I usually feel constricted in high impact bras and although I still don’t like to wear them I wear this one when I run.  Its breathable but fits snuggly enough to give you the support you need.  I do recommend trying this bra on in a sport goods store versus buying it online.  Then you can get the fit specifically your body needs.

Medium-High Impact- Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra

This is another staple in my fitness wardrobe over the years.  Thank goodness the continue the design because I love the way these bras fit.  Try to get into a sport goods store to try one on because they’re made in almost every size you can imagine so you can get one that fits you perfectly.  I often wear this bra under shirts just because of how it shapes and contains my breasts and makes me feel so supported too.  I feel like Im getting the support of a full coverage without the styling of one- full coverage bras usually make me feel like Im wearing a breast plate!  So its nice to have the support and still have a pretty bra on at the same time.

Onzie Sunray Bratop

Minimal- Onzie Sunray Bra-top $65

I love almost everything Onize makes but this bra-top is exceptional.  The cool sun ray on the back just makes me feel cute & sexy no matter what kind of day Im having- it makes me happy when I have it on!  Its their full coverage bra but my friends with smaller busts love it too.  Its comfy and perfect for low impact exercise.

Minimal/Fashion- Onzie Elastic Bra-top $42

Holds things in place during your asanas and is super fashionable too.  Id recommend this bra for smaller chested ladies.  Larger chested ladies can wear it too but i don’t recommend wearing it for workout purposes.  I love to wear it under tanks during the summer just because of the cool styling.


Tight Biking/Running-  Onzie Full Coverage Short $44

I often get asked, “Is there a pair of tight running or biking shorts that won’t ride up?”  And Ive found if you go with a longer cut in tight shorts then no, they won’t ride it.  The short & tight booty shorts are hot on all you ladies with beautiful and tight legs and booty’s but if you move around they will ride up into your crotch and pulling them down mid-exercise is less than cute.  So stick with shorts like these which I LOVE for the longer length and mid rise waist.  The fabric is soft and easy to move in too.

Running- LuLuLemon Run Speed Short 4-way Stretch IMG_4843

For the past several years I have been looking for a new pair of running/crossing training shorts but why fix whats not broken?  Nothing compares to these shorts.  They are recently getting average reviews because LuLu is going cheap on fabric and slightly changing the cut- which I am less than pleased with- but still, this short reigns in my opinion.  I love the mid-rise, thick waistband which gives and is flattering on all body types.  The panty liner keeps me covered when doing sit-ups r an inversion and the cut around the legs helps me move easily without any restriction.  I can squat, lunge, run, jump and do inversions in yoga without revealing anything I don’t want people to see.  There are many companies trig to copy this design right now (Nike) but they didn’t hit the mark so don’t settle for the $5-10 cheaper impostor.  Love, love, love these shorts and am actually wear them right now! ha


Zella Live In- Streamline Capri $52

Zella Capri
Zella Capri

These capris are great for running, kickboxing, interval training, yoga, zumba or whatever type of movement you’re into!  They’re slick feeling and offer a fair amount of compression and support too.  They don’t fade or stretch out and the colors online are more vibrant in person which I like.   Its a change form the plain old black pant and offers a new kind of motivation!

UnderAmour’s FlyBy Compression Capri $49.99

Moisture wicking, light weight and easy to move in I love this newer design from under armor.  These versatile capris will work any type of exercise and come in many color combos to choose from.

Nike Legendary Slim $85

Nike has done an awesome job with their capris and leggings recently.  I recommend almost all of their capris but I chose to post this one because I thought all my girls would love the slimming component this pair offers.  They have feminine shaping lines and supportive fabric which makes you feel confident while you’re in the in-between stages of creating the ‘newer, tighter you’ in the gym.

VS Knockout Capri

VS Knockout Capri $59-64

People are surprised when I tell them I get capris and workout pants from VS.  Im not a fan of their other clothing but I have to give them props in the exercise fashion world.  They know how to cut some sexy lines no doubt but I was just as surprised as you will be with their high quality fabric on some of their VSX pants.  These are awesome and will stand the test of time.

Cool Yoga, Pilates or Barre Pant

Splits59 Tendu Tight

Splits59 Tendu Tight $60-109

I cannot say enough about this company’s cool and innovative styling and especially about this Tendu tight.  They’re different and sexy and they feel great on my body.  The fabric is soft, durable and doesn’t fade easily.  I love the cut and lines in the styling.  It hugs and lifts me in all the right places- you can tell these were made by and for real women!

Onzie Pure Vida Pant $65

I had to add these capri/pants to the list because again, Onzie did such a good job on these!  They’re sexy but loose fitting and so cozy.  Just flattering on the body and so cool with the side slit and option to wear as a capri or wide legged pant.  I love to lounge in them.  They’re Genius!


Here’s what I use when Im training outdoors in the warm months…

Lip Sunscreen: JackBlack SPF25 Lip Balm61deMbyKblL._SL1500_

Face Sunscreen: Hydropeptide Solar Defense


Discounted Clothing

You guys, I am not made of money either so don’t be dismayed or thrown off by this list of my favorite exercise wardrobe items.  I afford many of these clothes by buying them when they’re on sale.  I also love to pick up workout tops at Marshalls and TJMAXX- sometimes I get my most unique pieces from there!  So don’t think you have to buy everything full price.  Choose the items you really want, like a new pair of yoga pants and a sports bra and then grab a few cute tops at Marshalls for $12.99 each to go with them.  Then viola, you have a new exercise wardrobe that will last you for a couple months or more!  I’m a bargain hunter so I encourage you to save your money and still rock the fashions you love by being the same way;)

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