FoxNews: Workout Wednesday and How to Get into a Stretching Routine

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Training your body to be flexible is just as important as training your body to be strong. Balance between strength & flexibility creates harmony in the body. The two are yin&yang so to speak, or opposites joined in the perfect marriage. Flexibility contributes to strength gains because it allows the body to go through full range of motion, and strength is needed to fully stretch because our muscular system won’t allow us to stretch one muscle without contracting the opposite one.
So you know you need to do it, right? Here are some suggestions to help you make it a habit…
🔹Make a habit of stretching 5-10min after every workout
🔹Find a #yinyoga or #slowflowvinyasa class you like and go 1-2xs per week
🔹Find a few youtube stretching videos you like and do them before bed 3-5xs per week
🔹If you sit at a desk, shift your position every 5-10min. Seated pigeon,  Butterfly pose or even 1 knee hugged close to chest while keeping a flat back, all work for an office environment.

✨What are Opposing Muscles ?IMG_7139Think of keeping your quads tight and pulled up into your hips while your hamstrings and back open & stretch in Forward Fold. Your hamstrings and back body won’t completely release and stretch until you learn to use the strength in your front body and contract your quads.
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MINDSET: “I celebrate how far I’ve come”

Silhouette 2I’ve always been a big dreamer who believes that hard work and focus will land me in the spot I dream of being in. I love that I have that umph! and energy that pushes me to ‘go for it’ but there is an unsettledness that comes along with my driven spirit. It can take away from my ability to be content in the moment and grateful for what I have bc I’m too focused on what I still want to achieve.
Recently I’ve been trying to live this powerful mantra out in my life.
🔹”I celebrate how far I’ve come.”🔹
Rather than engaging my busy mind and focusing on everything I still want to accomplish, I celebrate my life and the woman I’ve grown into instead. This major mental shift has slowly begun to change my everyday view on life from an anxious, ‘what will will I do next?’ type of thinking to a more confident & settled state of being where I find myself saying, ‘I feel full & proud of where I am today.’
It’s a nice place to be in☺️ and I’m still a work progress.
This mindset is available to you and can begin to change your life if you adopt it too. Try it. What do you have to lose?