GF Pumpkin Waffles

IMG_4091If you’re a waffle lover like me then this is your recipe! These waffles are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, slightly sweet and just delectable! They’re filling, low in sugar, high in fiber and energy boosting, vitamin A&C . So start your day off right by giving your body the solid foundation a hearty & nutritious breakfast can offer. Mmmmm💜

🔹1 1/2cup all purpose gf flour mix

🔹1cup tapioca flour

🔹1tsp baking powder

🔹1tsp baking soda

🔹1tsp kosher salt

🔹2-3tsp cinnamon

🔹1 egg

🔹8oz pumpkin purée

🔹1cup coconut milk (or almond)

🔹2tbsp olive oil

For topping:
🔹Organic Maple Syrup or Honey
🔹Organic Butter
1.Heat waffle maker
2.Mix all dry ingredients.
3.Add all wet ingredients & thoroughly combine.
4.Cook in waffle maker and keep warm in oven till ready to serve.


1. Use rice flour, millet flour or any other flour mix instead of the all purpose flour mix. I recommend keeping the tapioca flour though. It gives the waffles a bit of a chewy texture.

2. Use 2tbsp flax seed instead of egg for vegan waffles

3. Almond butter, agave nectar, cinnamon, bananas & blueberries all make for a great topping alternative on these waffles.

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