Heavy and Light Weight Dumbbell Workout


Light Dumbells (3-8lbs) & Heavy Dumbbells (8-15lbs) & Mat

Warm Up

Jumping Jacks 10reps

Arm Circles, 10 forward and 10 back

Twist at waist 10 reps

Shoulder Roll, 5 forward, 5 back


Round #1

Push Ups- 10reps

Chest Press (lying on back)– 10reps *heavy weight

Dips- 10reps

Plank Hold- 30sec

Rest 30sec


Round #2

Biceps Trio *light weight

-Standard Curl- 5reps

-Hammer Curl (thumbs to shoulders)– 5reps

-Wide Curl (rotate forearms away from one another)– 5reps

Superman Hold- 5sec.

REST 5sec

Repeat Superman Hold with rest 4x’s


Round #3

Dumbbell Triceps Extension- 10reps *heavy weight

Lateral Raise- 8reps *light weight

Frontal Raise- 8reps *light weight

Burpees- 10reps

Rest 1min


Round #4

Shoulder Press- 10reps *heavy weight

Straight arm Plank with Shoulder Taps (tap right shoulder with left hand, that’s one rep, alternate sides)– 20reps

Triceps Row- 10reps right, 10reps left *heavy weight

 (Drop back knee if you need to)

Rest 1min


Round #5

Mountain Climbers- 20reps

Down Dog Hold- 5breaths

Rest 30sec on knees


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