Travel Workouts

*While traveling try to do your workout in the morning. It will help you adjust to different time zones more quickly and will give you the flexibility of doing whatever you want in the evening.  Not to mention that it will give you a fresh, clear mind for the day ahead.

Travel Workout #1

5min Burn & Stretch

This is the morning routine I do on my more active vacations where Im on my feet a lot.  It helps me to engage my core, keep my upper body strong and stretch my lower back spine (which become SO tight while traveling) so that I feel strong and connected to my body throughout the day.

1. 10 push ups

2. 5 squats then 90degree jump to Rt., jump Lt. on next round

    (5 squats, 90degree jump to Rt., repeat 3 more x’s until facing forward then move on to next exercise)

3. plank hold, 45sec.


standing head to knee (from yoga for travel)

standing bow (from yoga for travel)

 Travel Workout #2

10-15min Workout

Run 5-10 flights of stairs (pick your own level)

do 30 crunches at the top

run down, back up,

do 30 alt. hip dips

run down, back up

do 30sec hip bride hold



rest 2min, then repeat

 Travel Workout #3

Pool WorkoutIMG_3654

20min laps in pool (I alternated btw breast, freestyle, back and side stroke) then relax in jacuzzi for 5min and end by JUMPING into the pool for an invigorating HotCold plunge. Ahhh, now you’re awake:)

 Yoga for Travel

Do 3-5 rounds of sun salutations then hold each pose in the printout below for 3-5 breaths.

sun salutation pic

sun salutation video w/ Shiva Rea

yogafortravel final

Bonus! Night-time Yoga for Better Sleep Post

yoga sequence


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