5 Ways to Ease Nausea

Now that you’re pregnant your hCG levels are high enough to allow baby to develop- which is a good thing right?! Yes it is! But it does come with a side effect, 8 of 10 women suffer from nausea so know that you are not alone in this AND that its a sign your body is giving baby exactly what it needs to create its vital organs. Around 12-14 weeks the placenta will take over and hCG levels will drop and your nausea should subside as a result. But until then lets talk about what you can do to ease that uncomfortable feeling that haunts so many of us during pregnancy.

1. Always keep stomach a 1/4-1/3 the way full
My nausea kept me from wanting to eat anything at all! But empty stomachs and the build up of acid makes nausea worse so here are some foods that are easier to stomach during this sensitive and off feeling time. They also help ease the nausea symptoms too!
-Apple Sauce
-Oatmeal (I always added a bit of ginger powder to mine too)
-Saltine Crackers
-Ginger Beer (this is a non-alchoholic, all natural ginger ale)
-LaCroix or any seltzer water
-Smoothie w/ minimal ingredients (greek yogurt, spinach, banana, berries, water & ice)
-VitB6 foods, (sweet potato, sunflower seeds, prunes, banana, avocado, spinach)
2. Rest
Sleep when you can! A lot of the time you’ll be happy to find your nausea has subsided after your nap.
3. Workout & Stretch
Getting some light cardio or weight lifting in could be a cure for nausea from time to time. It’ll help shift your hormone balance so that you feel less nauseous. Stretches for the upper back and neck seem to be the most helpful in easing nausea.
4. Aromatherapy
Sniff peppermint, lemon, ginger, lime or spearmint. *peppermint in summer, ginger in winter
5. Distract yourself
I was happiest when I was training and working. It was when I was doing nothing that I felt the worst so throw yourself into something that will hold your interest and hope that you’ll temporarily ‘forget’ about how you feel. Maybe now id the time to start crafting wreaths in your spare time, go see a girlfriend for some easy breezy chats, cook a meal or go to the movie theater. Stay busy, keep moving and this phase will be over soon enough:)