30min Body Weight Fat Burn


Butt kicks, 20reps

Large Arm circles, 10 each way

Jumping Jacks, 20 reps


First Circuit

10 Squat jumps

20 Mountain Climbers

10 push-ups

Rest 1 min- REPEAT

Second Circuit

10 Static lunge jumps Rt., then Lt

30sec Side plank Rt., then Lt.

20 Single leg hip raise Rt., then Lt.

20 Toe Touch Crunches (ly on back, legs up, arms up, reach fingers toward toes and exhale as you crunch up)

Rest 1 min- REPEAT

Third Circuit

10 Burpees

20 Side to Side Squats (start with legs together, step to the right and squat, bring legs together again -that’s one rep-, then step to the left and squat, step legs back together and continue squating side to side)

10 Triceps Dips on ground

30sec Plank

Rest 1 min, REPEAT


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