Winter Dehydration- What are the signs and how you can avoid it


Are you feeling particularly thirsty recently? Right now our bodies are adjusting to the cold temps❄, we’re indulging more in treats and cocktails🍰🍸 and we’re also on the move a bit more just trying to tie up loose ends before Christmas is here- all these things combined can lead to dehydration if we don’t stay on top of it.

💧Dehydration Signs💧
-dull headache btw eyebrows
-sleepy & irritable
-excessively hungry! Dehydration disguises itself as hunger sometimes👓
-dull yellow or dark urine
-bad breath
-high pulse

💧How to Hydrate Efficiently💧
-carry a water bottle with you at all times
-add ginger, lemon or fruit to dress water up a bit
-hydrate before and after (not during) exercise
-DIY Electrolyte Drink: add lemon & sprinkle of salt to water🍋
-drink 1, 4-8oz glass after every alcoholic drink you consume
-eat water filled produce like; pineapple, apple, banana, fig, cantaloupe & oranges. These foods are not just full of h2o but they’re high in nutrient value too.

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