Need a Refreshing Afternoon Caffeine Fix? Yerba Mate may be exactly what you’re looking for


yerba mateIf I need an afternoon caffeine boost then this double dark chocolate mate tea is what I reach for. Its main ingredients are yerba mate & dark cocoa powder so the taste is refreshing & chocolaty all at once which sounds like a bizarre contradiction… refreshing chocolate?!😞 But those are the first two descriptions that come to mind! Ha Its just a tad sweet with a clean finish, especially when you drink it on ice the way I like to👌.

Yerba Matte has also proven to make a big impact on our health because of the polyphenols like flavinoids & phenolic acids it contains. Here’s what it can do for your body if you drink it regularly which means, 5-7x’s per week for 3 or more weeks:

-increase in mental focus
-improved mood
-promotes deeper sleep *drink at least 8 hrs before bed time
-promotes weight loss & revs the metabolism
-may relieve some allergies & symptoms of asthma

References:, Huffnagle, G 2004

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