Travel Comfortably this Summer

IMG_6284Yesterday, on Fox46 MyCarolinas I went over my tips to help you feel more comfortable during travel and best as possible after travel too.  Click Here to watch the segment.  Its common to sit with shoulder rounded forward, pelvis scooped under or out in effort to find that magical, comfortable position that will get us through our long flights or drives.  There is a proper way to sit so that you don’t pull your muscles while traveling and a method for maintaining healthy blood flow and good nutrition too.  So lets go over the three topics below to help you get through this busy, vacationing summer season without the back ache, headache, cramping and restless leg that can come from long distance traveling.


First lets go over posture while traveling. Its common to roll the shoulders forward & bulge belly out which pulls on the muscles in your back and neck so to avoid doing this take your airplane pillow (or buy a travel pillow for $3 at walmart), and place it behind the small of your back.

Next take your water bottle and place it between your thighs.  Hug the water bottle and feel IMG_6281your thighs internally rotate; this will help you find a neutral position for your pelvis.  Now draw your bottom rib down and tighten your abdomen from pubic bone to sternum.  Now you’re in proper seated position!  Don’t forget to relax your shoulders down your
back.  Do this for 10min every hour, or for the majority of your trip!  You’re training your core muscles to support your body and align your spine so not only will you finish traveling without aches and pains, you’ll have a tighter stomach too!

Maintain Good Blood Flow

Spinal Twist
Figure 4

1. Seated stretches

  • spinal twist
  • figure four

2. Bulk head seats, prop legs up on wall in front of you from time to time

3. Walk around for 3min, once every hour

4. Standing stretches to do in flight attendant cabin

  • side bends
  • triangle
  • quad stretch
  • calf stretch


1. Drink 8oz water for every hour you’re traveling. Aircraft humidty is 5-10%… like the Sahara Desert!

2. Pack your own snacks since the food they serve on airlines can barely be considered food at all!  Pack walnuts, apples, bananas, lara bars & grapes for kids and lots of drinks of course.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol actually dehydrates your body.

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