Waist Whittling and Booty Volumizing Workout

ByeBye Muffin Top, HelloIMG_0293 Booty Pop! A waist whittling and booty volumizing workout.
This week on My Fox Carolinas I went over a fluid sequence of weight baring moves that will get you feeling confident about how you look from the backside.   All it takes is some toning in that muffin top area while lifting & sculpting your booty so it pops!  Remember that the only way to see those muscles that you’re working hard to tone is to lose fat weight and the best way to do that is by,
  1. Keeping a diet filled with fresh, colorful foods
  2. Staying away from the kitchen 2-3hrs before bed
  3. Drinking 2L plus of water every day

IMG_0305Here’s the workout along and if you click on the picture you’ll be directed to the segment where I demo the moves for you.  Have fun with this and enjoy!

Do each move 10x’s , 4 Rounds
🔹Oblique press & reach
🔹Deadlift w 1/2burpee
🔹Side plank knee tuck to plank leg lift
🔹Bow pose hold, 15sec

You can also use these moves with a tabata timer. Do 2 rounds of tabata for a full workout.