Travel Workout with Mini Band

IMG_9340Happy Workout Wednesday guys!  Today on Fox News 46, Im giving you travel friendly workouts that you can do with a mini band.  If you don’t already have one they’re about $10 and can be found in a lot of places like, Marshalls, Target, Walmart or

Mini resistance bands are great for working the muscle tissue thats deeply set around your joints which keeps your body stable, tight & firm and the high rep, low resistance style workout will have you working up a sweat and therefore burning fat.  So join me in this low resistance meets cardio type of workout!  You guys ready?!  Embrace the burn and GO!

click here to see me demo some mini band moves and to watch today’s Workout Wednesday segment

Mini Band Workout #1

Do each move for 10reps, 2 Rounds before moving to next move, rest when needed

1. Squat w/ Leg Lift

  • Band around ankles
  • Lower into squat, as you rise up lead through heel and extend lt. leg out
  • Keep lt. foot flexed

2. Table Leg Press

  • On all fours, put band around rt. ankle and arch of lt. foot, keep both feet flexed
  • Draw lt. knee into belly button, then push through your foot until lt. leg is fully extended
  • Move slowly and with control in this move.  Your lt. knee should pass right under your lt. hip on the way in and out.

3. Plank with alt. Up & Out Leg LiftsIMG_9338

  • Band around ankles
  • Keep lt. leg locked out and foot flexed as you lift up, then out to the side, back in and down.  Thats one rep.

4. Row

  • Band around arches of feet, keep feet flexedIMG_9333
  • Firmly grip band with both hands
  • Push through heels and lean back slightly as you pull back on band.
  • Don’t let shoulders round forward & keep core tight

5. Triceps Push Up

  • Band around forearms for stability

Mini Band Workout #2

Band around Forearms/Wrists

1. Triceps Pushups x10

2. Lat Pulldowns x20

  • band around wrist
  • palms face foreword
  • pull band down to forehead

3. Triceps Lifts x20IMG_9348

  • arms behind you, palms facing each other, band around forearms
  • keep elbows locked out and lift arms as high as they’ll go without bending the elbow or rounding shoulders forward.
  • now press into the mini band and do quick, outward pluses

Rest 60sec then repeat these 3 moves

Band around Shins 

1. Superman Leg pulses x20IMG_9350

  • anchor through hips, legs straight, upper body relaxed, forehead rests on hands

2. Side Lying 45deg leg lifts lt., then rt. x20IMG_9349

  • keep both feet flexed, top leg leads through the heel as you lift up and back at a 45deg angle

3. Boat Pose to Canoe Pose Pulses x10

Rest 60sec then repeat these 3 moves