Confessions of a Former Food Addict

DSC_058011111I played field hockey & lacrosse growing up but when I got to college I didn’t play any organized sports so I took matters into my own hands and came up with my own fitness routine.  I thought I was doing the right thing for my body by going on long runs, doing aerobics with friends and eating a low calorie diet but I was consistently 15lbs overweight from the time I was 20-24 years old.  I was exhausted and confused after trying low fat, low carb diets and eventually I developed a poor relationship with food.  I started having anxiety about the calories I was taking in when I was eating and when I wasn’t eating I couldn’t get food off my mind! I felt addicted and obsessed with food and I didn’t know how to break the cycle.  I was helpless, I had low energy, I didn’t feel good about myself and I knew something had to change.
I hit the weight room with my boyfriend (and now husband;)) in 2006.  He passed on his fundamental knowledge of weight lifting and it wasn’t long before I ditched my long runs, body pump aerobics classes and at home DVD’s and joined him in the gym. We worked out 5x’s a week doing weight lifting & cardio combo sessions and about 8 weeks in my body showed the first real signs of change.  I looked like I had an all over body lift! I was tight, toned and starting to look the way I always wanted to. Not to mention the confidence & energy boost I got!  That made all my hard work seem like it was worth it and I was hooked on the fit life and knew I wasn’t going to turn back from there.
Once I became consistent in my fitness routine and put energy into giving my all in my workouts the battle with food went away.  It went away because I was more focused on the energy I was putting out through exercise so knowing what energy/food I needed to put in became simple and clear.  My body needed fuel to recover from my day’s workout and to give me energy for the next day and for my next workout too.  Real foods like fresh produce, protein, antioxidant rich greens and nutrient dense, complex carbs are FUEL.  And fuel is what makes me feel energized, up beat, powerful, confident, focused and ready for the challenge of another day or another workout.
 So if you struggle with your diet try try switching your focus to exercise and see how that change impacts your diet after a while.  Workout consistently (about 5x’s per week) and when you do PUSH YOURSELF.  Give it your all and afterward you’ll likely crave fuel instead of a milkshake, candy or french fries.

I said this on the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Competition, nutrition video and it applies to the point Im making in this post…

“Nutrition & Exercise are like best friends, you shouldn’t have one without the other. But Nutrition takes the lead. Your body can’t reach its full potential in exercise until you give it the food it needs to preform at a higher level.”


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