Fox46 Workout Wednesday: Kettlebell’s!

IMG_7712This morning on Fox’s Good Day Carolinas I took my favorite anchor, Erick Weber, through a couple of my moves in this week’s Kettlebell Workout.  You can see our quick segment by clicking here or on the pictures in this post but I warn you, don’t follow Erick’s form!  Keep an eye on me and what Im doing because his silliness takes over and he and his kettle bell are all over the place in this segment!  As you can see in the picture above, he even drops it at one point!  He’s entertaining and so fun to work with and watch but like I said, follow MY form and laugh with me at him;)

Back to Kettlebells.  They are one of my favorite pieces of equipment and I use them regularly in my workouts.  The moves you can do with kettle bells feel natural for the body and are fun to do but most importantly they really set our bodies on fire and turn us in to fat burning & muscle building machines!    This KB workout is full of dynamic moves that work your arms, back, core, legs and especially your hips and booty, which means we can get a full body workout in a short amount of time!  Take a look at the 1min video demo at the bottom of this post, so that you can be sure you’re doing the moves properly.  Now show me some energy and have fun with this KB workout!

Tips: Keep your back straight and chest lifted while doing these moves. Squeeze your ab muscles toward your spine to keep your core engaged to protect your back.


Warm Up
KB ‘Round the Body’ Swings x5 each direction
Squat while holding KB at chest x10
KB Waist Twists x10
KB Swings x10


KB Swing x20
Figure 8 w/ Twist x20
Single Arm Clean & Press x20 each side
Partial Turk Get Up x10 each side
Seated Figure 8 x20
Quick Feet x50

Sumo Squat to Alt. Single Leg Deadlift x12
Single Leg Balance w/ Triceps Extension x12 *switch standing leg each round

Rest when needed but try not to rest for more than 2min at any point.




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