Fox46 Segment: Sit Up Straight to Flatten Abs

Are you finding that in spite of your efforts to sit up straight your shoulders are usually rolled forward, your ribs are sunken into your hips and your low back is tight and achy?  This could all be caused by poor seated posture.  Sitting up straight is important for many reasons:

  1. Enhances digestion
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Relieves tightness in upper back & wrists, hip & legs
  4. Flattens Ab muscles
  5. Makes you look and feel more confident

How to Sit Up Straight

IMG_7256There are things you can do to relieve the tension you feel in your back and get that posture set up just right.  Check in with yourself regularly throughout the day to make sure your posture is correct.  If its not then look back at this description to get into the right position.

“Roll your shoulders back and feel shoulder blades slide down your back. Now, tuck your rib cage slightly under while keeping the chest stretched and open. Now that your upper body is set up in the right position, relax it. Pull your belly button in toward your spine (pull it back even more as you exhale) and keep low abs engaged. Slight roundness in low spine, feet are hip distance apart and right below your knees on the floor. Breathe in and feel your chest stretch up toward your chin, exhale and fell your shoulder blades slide down your back. Keep that core tight and the rest of your body relaxed.”

Pulling your belly inward is the key to sitting up straight and its also what will flatten your abs.  If you can master proper seated posture then you’re able to contract your low abs and keep them pulled in toward your spine.  Viola.  Flat abs.

IMG_7271At Desk Exercises

Here are some exercises you can do at your desk to improve blood flow through the hips and the whole body. I go over some of these moves on FoxNews46 so click on any of the pics to watch the clip for a video demo.  Doing these moves at your desk will elevate your mood, increase your level of creativity & boost focus. -Spinal Twist 1x each side -Backward Shoulder Rolls x5 *feel shoulders slide down your back and chest lift on the last rep -Pelvic Tilts x10 -Stand Up-Sit Down aka SQUATS x10 -Wrist stretch 30sec each way -Crane Pose hold each side *tuck tailbone 3breaths -Seated Runners Stretch *rt. ankle over lt. knee, feel right hip open

Helpful Tools for Good Seated Posture at Work

-Sit on a stability ball.  This will really strengthen your pelvic floor and core too!

-Do 3 flights of stairs, 2rounds 2x’s a day *put a 5min cap on this workout

-Stand up and walk around for 3-5min every hour

Standing desk

Bicycle desk

Getting a strong back & core will help your posture tremendously.  Do moves like the ones listed below to get those important muscles strong.

  • DB or Barbell rows
  • lat pull downs
  • planks
  • dips
  • triceps pushups
  • wheel pose

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