FoxNews WorkoutWednesday – Tone Arms with ONE Move

Workout Wednesday; Yoga Block Push-Ups –

Its #workoutwednesday and today on Fox’s, Good Day Carolinas, Im showing you a how to tighten up your arms and strengthen your core in ONE move. Its a #yogablockpushup which means you can lower your chest past your hands and engage more, deeply set muscles. If you don’t have yoga blocks, use thick or stacked books instead. You’re looking for a 4”-8” lift from the ground.
Keep your core tight! Butt squeezed together! And Do 3 rounds of this sequence…

*3rounds, 10sec rest between rounds
Standard 8reps
Side to Side 8reps
*Move at whatever pace you can maintain while still keeping control of your muscles.  If you feel very comfortable with this move then start, explosive movement.
Sit back on heels for…
Incline Childs Pose 10-15sec
*Feel the arms pull away from your chest.  Root through your palms & low body, and relax your head, neck & chest to the ground.



You’ve got a brand new week ahead to achieve goals, sweat more gripe less and leave your fears in the dust. GO!

Set your goals for the week then create an action plan to achieve them.  Here are my goals and my plan too…


  • Eat less than 30g sugar, daily
  • Workout 6 days this week
  • Get 7-8hrs sleep every night

Action Plan

  • Prep fresh foods for the week
  • Think about what dinner will be each night and have meat & veggies prepped
  • Workout 6days: Sun- Yoga, Mon- Xfit, Tues- 50min Interval training w weights, Wed- Yoga, Thurs- 30min Intervals w/ weights & 3mile run, Sat- Intervals with my Bro

What are your goals for this week and whats your action plan look like?  I want to hear about it!

And here’s your workout for today…

20 rounds stairs
20 Squat to Press
20 Burpee to Low Squat
20 Yoga Block Push Ups
20 Butterfly Sit Ups
Rest when needed

I’ve only taken 2 people through this workout so far today but here are their times. Use them to motivate you to work hard and push past the moments you think you can’t work through anymore. They did it, so can you!!
Client 1: 19:42
Client 2: 23:40