Monday Motivation & Workout

Happy Monday!  It’s the beginning of new week and a fresh start so lets kick things off with this workout and a plan to get your workouts in throughout this week.

So many of us workout so we can look good, but this week I want you to get your workouts in because you want to FEEL good. Regular exercise helps you feel witty, creative, and confident while at work and it gives you energy for after work ‘fun’ 🎉, like playing with your kids, meeting friends for a run or workout👯, happy hour convo’s, gardening or whatever it is you like to do with your evening hours. The point is that regular exercise gives you withstanding energy that you can count on which means you feel happy and relaxed!
So look forward to your workouts this week because you know you’ll FEEL GOOD after them! Here’s your workout for today!👏💪👊☝️

monday workout pic
Monday Workout
In first round we’ll focus on strength & endurance. In the second round we’ll use one of my favorites,🔸isometric moves🔸to work the core, increase your flexibility and your all over strength.
Round 1
🔹Barbell Overhead forward & back lunges x5rt. x5lt.
🔹400m run

🔹Push ups x10
🔹Pull ups x10
🔹400m run

🔹Thrusters x10
🔹400m run

*40min time cap
*Girls, do assisted pull-ups on a nautilus or hang a resistance band from a pull-up bar.

*hold each move for 60sec
🔹Hindu Squat
🔹Down Dog
🔹kneeling Crescent lunge w/ side twist *switch sides 2nd round
🔹Wrist stretch, 30sec each way
🔹Hip Bridge or Wheel Pose

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