Fox News Debut & the featured Rise n’ Shine Workout

Today is my first morning on Fox News Charlotte and I’m so excited about it!  The segment runs at 6:50 this morning but for those of you who missed it or don’t live in Charlotte, here’s what we covered today…

I planned a simple, early morning workout that everyone can do and benefit from, for my first segment.  I call it the Rise n’ Shine AM workout and its made up of 5 basic moves that you’ll do 10reps each of.  You’ll repeat that cycle 5x’s and then you’ll record the amount of time it takes you to complete the workout.  It should take you anywhere from 7-12min to complete which is a crazy fast workout and it requires no equipment which is exactly the workout a lot of you are looking for.  So add this one to your regimen.  Do it 3-5x’s per week and again, make sure you record the date and your time for each workout.  This will give you some motivation and drive to really push yourself past your previous times and its also a great way to track progress and make sure you’re getting stronger!

Rise&Shine Workout

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