TGIF & NEW! Trouble Zone Video Workout

Happy Friday!

This really is my favorite day of the week.  I love celebrating all Ive accomplished over the week and letting that settled, “I don’t have to be at work tomorrow” feeling sink in.  Ahhhh.  But wait!  Its only Friday morning!  So before I get ahead of myself let me re-focus and get back to work…

Today Im launching the first video of my next workout series (yay!) and its called Target Your Trouble Zones and whether you’re looking for a booty lift, tighter arms, a flat tummy or just a fun workout to get yourself moving, this video is for YOU!

In the intro to the video I mention my friend, Aly Mang.  Her business is The Balanced Beauty and she’s aCropped-1-1024x817 holistic health coach.  She helped me gather a lot of votes throughout the Womens Health Next Fitness Star competition and in return for all the love and support she and her readers sent my way, I dedicated this workout video her.

Take a look at what she’s got going on on her blog and on her social media.  She posts a lot of good information on nutrition and how to maintain balance in your life.  She’s an inspiration to me and so many women out there so definitely check her out!  Thanks so much, Aly;)

Ok you guys ready for this workout?  Grab a set of dumbbells, now lets go!

And don’t forget to follow me on social media.  I post daily tips that will keep you inspired and focused on your fitness goals.  We ALL need daily inspiration so make sure you tune into these posts to stay on track!

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