10min Explosive 4th of July Workout


Good Morning and Happy Independence Day!  Its such a privilege to live in America and we take that for granted because most of us don’t know it any other way.  Focus on how  LUCKY we are to have freedom today.  And have fun celebrating with your friends and families too!

But before you dig into those hot dogs, hamburgers, beers & berry pies… GET YOUR WORKOUT IN.  What did you think I would say?!  You know what I want from you today and thats to commit to WORKING OUT.

This workout is 10min long and its exactly what you’re body needs to get you happily through the day.  Its challenging and meaningfully so.  Its short, very short and if you want to take advantage of short term workouts then you have to learn how to work at about 80% of your max effort the whole time.  So practice that today.  Really push though this workout, try to do it to tempo and modify the moves where needed (see notes for Level 1 on video and printable workout for modifications).

*Advice for Beginners 

Beginners, take it easy.  Try to maintain your breath and focus throughout the workout.  If you need to rest longer than I suggest in the workout then its ok!  Take your time and rest.

Within the first 3-4weeks of exercising regularly, try to become more aware of your threshold for pain or discomfort during exercise.  Once you understand where your physical limits are you can begin to anticipate them, and from there you’ll begin the process of overcoming them. To overcome them you have to be able distinguish ‘good pain’ from bad pain.  That will teach you that the ‘bad pain'(a sharp feeling) means you should back off and the ‘good pain’ is what you’ll use to push yourself past your former threshold and into a newer, stronger, happier, healthier YOU.

‘good pain’- This is a non-scientific phrase but its an important one and I want you to understand what I mean when I use it.  Here’s a description for ya…

There are no sharp pains. You feel a weakness in the muscles you’re targeting, that makes your breath and heart race and its uncomfortable.  24-48hrs later you are sore and feel like you need a massage or a walk or anything to help kneed out the tightness you feel in your muscles. After 2-4 days of rest you feel GREAT.  Stronger.  Thats what ‘good pain’ should feel like.

Once you know your ‘good pain’ tolerances I want you to push yourself a smidge past that point and work there until you have to stop.  Don’t become dizzy and then stop lifting the weight, learn how to anticipate the dizziness and stop lifting before you get there.  Its something you have to practice in order to achieve but you can get there by just staying queued into whats going on with your body while you workout.  This skill is an important one to acquire because you’ll have more control over reaching your fitness goals and you’ll be much less likely to injury yourself while exercising too.  Only good stuff comes from connecting the mind to the body so, do it!


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