Voting has BEGUN!

Here we go!  It’s time to vote for me to win Women’s Health Magazine’s ‘Next Fitness Star’ Competition.  Set your alarms as a daily reminder to vote 1x per day on multiple devices.  If I win I’ll star in my own DVD series which is… awesome, amazing, unbelievable, SO exciting, and so many more good feelings to list!  I have been so touch and overwhelmed with your support so far so thank you for your encouragement.  It means so much to me!

Please blast this information to all your friends and family to get them excited and voting too.  Set your alarms daily to remind yourself to vote 1x per day on multiple devices!  And keep up with my social media for extra health and fitness motivation this summer.  

Here’s the voting information:
Who: Noell Yanik
What: VOTE for me to WIN the Womens Health Magazine ‘Next Fitness Star’ competition
When: Tuesday, June 24th-August 1st.
Why: So I can star in my very own DVD series!IMG_4182

If you have a question that health and fitness related then please let me know!  I want to hear from you so I can  help you move closer toward your fitness goals.  But I gotta know what your needs are so let me hear them!  Click the pic below and it will take you to my questions forum.

question- ask noell

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cardioBLAST2 *Video Workout*

What’s up friends!  My new video, cardioBLAST2, is now available!  Its a no equipment required, heart pumping, yoga and strength training fusion workout thats only 12min long.  If you have time, go through it once (beginners you can rest, everyone else needs to try their best to make it through without resting!), rest for 1-2min and then repeat for a complete workout.

If you don’t have time to run through it twice its ok!  Get one round in and feel satisfied that you challenged your body and did your part to get your endorphins and energy kicked up today.

Women’s Health Magazine’s ‘Next Fitness Star’ Competition

Look out for my prompt to begin voting for me to WIN the Women’s Health Magazine’s ‘Next Fitness Star’!  The competition runs from June 24th-Aug 1st and you can vote 1x per day on multiple devices (tablet, phone, pc) at  If I win I’ll star in my own DVD series which many of you know is my DREAM.  So this is a heads up to set your alarms, daily to vote for me to win.  I’ll send out reminders through social media on June 24th and throughout the term of the competition so look out for those.  Thank you for your support and praises so far.  I couldn’t have made it here without your encouragement!