Veggie Powerhouse- Fiesta Burrito

For one week every month I eat a vegetarian diet.  It gives my body a break from hard to digest protein and gets me to think creatively about how I can fuel up with colorful produce, legumes, beans, rice and more.

Today I’m enjoying this healthy and satisfying veggie lunch or dinner; the Fiesta Burrito.  The black beans, spicy hummus and farro are mainly responsible for the large amount of protein (20g) that are in this meal!  So eat up you lean, mean muscle building machine!  This meal is easy on your digestive tract, will fuel your muscles and leave you feeling great and indulgent!  Enjoy;) Veggie Powerhouse Fiesta Burrito

One thought on “Veggie Powerhouse- Fiesta Burrito

  1. I’m not much of a veggie only person, but if I’m going to do a veggie cleanse, it’s good to know I’ve got some high-protein options like this one. I’m going to give this one a shot.

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