Celeb Spotlight- Julianne Hough

julianne-hough-fitness-beauty-secrets-03-hsss431 I was traveling over the weekend and had SELF magazine to browse through (we drove about 4 hours to Atlanta for my best friend’s baby shower).  I was inspired by the things their cover model, Julianne Hough had to say about her own health and I wanted to share her thoughts with you.  She’s newly single after dating Ryan Seacrest, which makes me exhausted just thinking about it because he HAD to have been high maintenance and tough to keep up with, and seems to be in a fresh and free state of mind.  One of my favorite things she said was,

“People think women work out to look hot and get a date; but we don’t: We work out for ourselves.”-Julianne Hough

She just spoke for me and SO many women I know in that sentence.  We want to workout and feel good for ourselves!  We gain confidence when we know we’re making the right decisions for our bodies and that confidence fuels our positive perspective in life.  So make sure you don’t skip your workout tonight; if you already did then start packing your gym bag for an AM workout NOW to make sure you set your health HIGH on that priority list.

Click this link for the whole SELF article on Julianne Hough


Another cool tip/fact about her is her signature cocktail; a spicy margarita with tequila, soda, lime, agave, jalepenos and whole raspberries.  YUM!  One of my favorites too:)

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