3 Day Sugar Detox

Join me on a 3 Day Sugar Detox!  I’ve had my personal training clients on it and the benefits they’re experiencing urged me to prompt you to do the same thing!  Here’s what giving your body a break from sugar can do for you…

  • inflammatory weight loss of 3-5 pounds
  • boost energy level
  • elevate mood and ability to handle stress
  • re-set your taste buds
  • re-train your mind and begin to crave less sugar altogether
  • balance the body’s pH
  • more efficient sleep cycles
  • eliminate brain fog
  • skin and eyes will appear brighter & younger

Are you wondering why eliminating or decreasing your sugar intake drives such great results?  Its because digesting processed foods and sweet treats wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Sugar on its own has no protein, nutrients, enzymes or healthy fat and it actually pulls nutrients from the body as you digest it.  An overload of this unfriendly food causes inflammation, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, forgetfulness, premature aging, weight gain, acid reflux and depression.  Whats more, upon digestion sugar releases dopamine in the brain which reinforces the behavior and leaves us wanting more of it!  So this mega downer leaves us unsatisfied and addicted while spinning us in a downward sugar spiral of despair!

Lets stop the sugar insanity and give our bodies a peaceful moment to rebalance itself.  Here are the rules for two types of Sugar Detoxer’s…

For the ALL OR NOTHING type…

Consume no sugar whatsoever for 3 days.

 For the MODERATE type…

Consume only sugar from fruits and vegetables during the day and foods from the ‘limit’ list below.  Your detox starts at 2pm and will continue throughout the rest of the day.  So no sugar whatsoever from 2pm and on.  *this option is especially good for someone who has or has had an eating disorder

*follow these food recommendations for help with understand what you can and can’t eat…

revised 3 day sugar detox

2 thoughts on “3 Day Sugar Detox

  1. So my mom and I started this detox on Ash Wednesday to kick off our “no sweets” during lent commitment. And I have to say, this is really hard!! Unless we are doing something wrong, there is sugar in absolutely everything!! Even in our favorite veges! Are we going about this the right way??

    • Hi Lori! It IS hard! Try doing the moderate version of the detox for 3-5days (limit sugar before 2pm and no sugar after 2pm) and then moving to the full day detox. This will help you ease into this challenging diet that will life altering effects on your cravings and taste buds.
      The only veggies you should not have are corn, peas & potatoes. Limit squash, grains & seeds like quinoa. If you start will the moderate detox then you can have fruit & whole grains before 2pm but again, you need to limit your intake for the best detox results.
      Hang in there! It gets easier as you move along. Im proud of you two for doing the detox together and am excited about the energy surge you’ll feel very soon.

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