Burn 3x’s More Fat with this Tip and Video Workout

If you spend time every morning revving up your engine with a workout routine then you can burn up to THREE times more fat than if you choose to workout later on in the day.  If you eat breakfast before you workout then your body will use that food for energy first and then it’ll tap into your stored fat.  So, in order to get the body to cooperate with your fat loss goals workout for 10-25min first thing in the morning and then fuel up by having a protein shake, an omelet, smoothie, oatmeal or any other nutrient rich breakfast you can think of.  Another great thing about working out first thing in the morning is that your metabolism moves quickly after your workout and will stay elevated throughout the day.  So the earlier you get that high metabolic rate benefit from exercise the more calories you’ll burn all day and the more weight you’ll loose as a result.

**If you workout at night you may still burn fat while you workout but as soon as you go to sleep your metabolism will slow down and you’ll miss out on all the extra fat that you can burn during the day if you had exercised in the morning. When you sleep your metabolic rate is always at its slowest.

“A study carried out at Kansas State University (Wilcox, Harford & Wedel Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, 17:2, 2005), indicates that a kilogram of fat will be oxidized sooner when exercising in the fasted condition (in the morning) than when doing the same exercise in the afternoon. By measuring respiratory gas exchange, caloric expenditure, and carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism, these researchers showed that the mass of fat burned during aerobic exercise amounts to 67% of the total energy expenditure achieved when the same exercise is done later in the day or in the full belly state.”

resources: nih.gov, health.harvard.edu

Here’s a 12min clip from one of the Interval Training workouts in the Superwoman Series.  It’s perfect for getting your engine started this morning!  Now you’ve got what you need to ‘work it’ this morning so make it happen!!…

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