4 Rules to Keep You on Track this Holiday Season

FIT for 2014

The Holiday Season has begun!  Since I’ve been a trainer all my clients disappear during this time of year and then RE-appear in the New Year filled with frustration and anxiety from the disappointment they feel after letting themselves go during the holiday season and I didn’t blame them for feeling this way!  Its depressing when you’ve worked hard to build muscle, revamp your diet or figure out how to stay healthy while you travel for your job only to lose focus from the distractions the Holidays create.

Look, you can truly enjoy the Holiday season and all its richness without being thrown off course.  Lean on me over the next 5 weeks (yes there’s only 5 WEEKS left in 2013!) and together we’ll make it to 2014 in better shape then we are right now!

Here are 4 tips to kickoff the FIT for 2014 Challenge!  We all need some strategy this time of year since every weekend seems to be filled with social events and shopping or volunteering and more.  Here are some things to take with you as we dive right into Thanksgiving…

1) Visit the Food Table ONCE.Chatting

While at social gatherings, HAVE FUN and shift your focus away from food and on to connecting with the people around you.  You’ll catch me at parties usually with one drink in hand and moving from person to person engaging each one.  When I’m hungry I’ll make my way over tho the food table and fill it with nutrient rich foods like veggies, chicken, beef & fruit.  If there’s a fatty dip I LOVE or a double chocolate chip brownie (my favorite) then yes, I will have it but 1-2 Tbsp of the dip is enough and one brownie is more than enough.  Once I’m satisfied I don’t fill my plate again.  It makes sense because my body doesn’t need another meal.  One is enough.  Visit the Food Table ONCE.

2) Pull your Low Belly Up and In

Sit & stand with your low belly pulled in.  Contracting these muscles not only lifts the pelvic floor, it also pushes your stomach up and in which will make it hard to over eat/drink.  When the stomach is filled with food it becomes heavy and that makes it very hard to pull up and in.  So if you can learn to make this a habit, you’ll not only improve your posture and love the way your abs begin to look, you’ll become less likely to over eat too!

Here’s how…

Roll shoulders down your back, now relax your neck and release any tension in your arms.

Inhale and feel your rib cage expand, now exhale and pull your low belly to the spine.

Keep the upper body relaxed, hips in a neutral position and keep pulling the low belly in on each exhale.  

You may feel awkward but you actually look 5lbs thinner!  Keep it up and soon standing/breathing this way will become 2nd nature.

3) Write Down EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth during the week.

This rule does not exist to make you food obsessed, instead it exists to create some accountability during those times where we are so busy and mindless eating is at its height in our lives.  Stress and that never ending to-do list during the holidays cause us to nosh without taking mental note of what we just put in our mouths.  So to combat the extra weight gain mindless eating contrives I want you to record EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.


  • those 3 almonds
  • that miniature hershey’s almond nugget from the receptionist’s desk
  • the muffin you taste tested just to make sure the batch was good enough to take to your neighbor

Obsessive?  No!  Not when you start to understand how much of an impact the little things you eat are making on your body fat.  Taking note of the foods you take in will give you the accountability you need to keep a normal diet now  so that we don’t have to CRASH diet in January.  Uhg.  I hate diets.  So please don’t make me put you on one and be responsible for what you eat NOW.  Keep a food journal, especially during the week since you’ll be too busy with social events and shopping on the weekends.

4) Exercise 4-6 days a week


Yup I know this is a tough one this time of year but trust me, your body craves it.  Its cold and dark and you have become more sedentary and a bit more fatigued as a result.  Exercise will give you energy and refresh your circulatory system.  You may need to get up early to make this happen but DO IT!  Take your sleepy, droopy, 5:30am eyes into the gym and hop on an elliptical.  You’ll wake up once you start moving!  And I know its cold outside but thats not an excuse to skip the evening walk or run you were taking with your baby and other kids.  Bundle up with coats, hats, scarves and get outside.  The kids will benefit from the fresh air too!

And you’ll thank me for it later.  Especially in January when you see all the New Year’s resolutioner’s running on their crazy hamster wheels trying to lose 30lbs in 4weeks!  No way!  Thats not going to be you in 2014!  Instead we’ll be taking the next steps to build the muscles in your arms, round out your butt, shrink your thighs or heal your abdomen after postpartum stress.  STICK WITH ME!


Click link below & scroll to the bottom of the page for a cool, new printable workout…


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