Change Your Focus

We all need help with this sometimes, right?  Whether its a life situation, a health issue or someone who cut you off on the highway, we all run into reasons to engage in the darker, negative side of ourselves.  Its ok and healthy to do that sometimes but when it becomes your normal state of being then something needs to change and no one can make that change except you.

With the upcoming holiday (Thanksgiving is in 7 days incase you hadn’t noticed;)) I thought it was the perfect time to exercise our minds and get  us into a new pattern of thinking.  Hopefully you’ve already begun the age old tradition of thinking of the things you are thankful for in lieu of Thanksgiving but I want you to do something that will really really give you the chance to make a habit out of noticeing the good things that happen in your day.

So over the next 7 days I challenge you to record something you are thankful for or inspired by.  This means that I actually want you to WRITE IT DOWN.  Use your laptop, smart phone or post it’s I don’t care, just make sure you actually record it.  Try not to jot down general things like, “I am thankful for my home, or family or money for gas to put in my car.”  Instead I want you to wake up every morning expecting to see or experience something extraordinary and unique and then look out that or those things all day.  At the end of the day reflect on the twists and turns your day took you through and you’ll see that its easy to find something thats inspiring or something that you’re thankful for in EACH DAY.

I did this last week so I could make sure it was worthy of something I should share with you and I certainly found that it was.  Here are my entries from last week.  I only made time for 5 but hey!  5 out of 7 is pretty good, right?




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