MY Smoothie

MY Smoothie

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Seems like everyone has their own twist on a smoothie recipe these days.  My clients and friends are always asking me what food I choose first thing in the morning and no one is shocked when I respond by saying, “a smoothie.”    MY smoothie tastes great, is cleansing and packed with jam packed with nutrients so whats not to like?  Try this recipe and use 8oz of the smoothie as your breakfast and the remaining 4-6oz as a meal replacement for another meal/snack during the day.  You’ll surely feel a difference in your mental clarity, your digestive health and your energy in at least 1 week.  Before I give you the recipe, let me mention 3 things that will give you the ultimate digestive benefit from consuming your smoothies…

1) Chew Your Smoothie

When we eat solid food, our salivary glands start working immediately and start secreting the necessary enzymes into our mouths to prepare our stomach and intestines to do the rest of the job. We can still allow this process to happen by ‘chewing’ our smoothies. Take the time to swish a little smoothie around in your mouth, especially at the beginning of your smoothie meal to kickstart those enzymes into action.

2) Switch Up Which ‘Greens You’re Using

Variety with greens is also important because of alkaloids. In Short, plants were gifted with a type of defense mechanism, like the different defense mechanisms of animals, so that their whole particular species of plant doesn’t get completely wiped out and unable to procreate. The alkaloids are plant chemicals that they create, in minute amounts to ward off predators. It makes sense that in small doses these alkaloids won’t hurt you, and will actually have some benefits to the immune system, as long as you’re getting small amounts and a wide range. If you’re putting the same leafy greens in your smoothies every single day, you’re consuming the same alkaloids and they can actually accumulate in your body and potentially become toxic to the body in large quantities. So just remember to change it up.

3) Try Different Protein Powders

Try different protein powders to see which ones you think taste best and which ones settle in your tummy best too.  Whey based protein can disrupt the digestive process and crate a lot of gas for some people (particularly women).  If thats you, then so stick with supplements like kefir or soy & whey protein mixes (Visalus, listed below).  Ask friends for a sample of their protein for a cost effective way of trying different types and be willing to hand out samples of yours too!  Even the ones you don’t like may work perfectly for someone else.  Here are the ones I like to use…

EASLean Whey Protein in FudgeChocolate: Cost effective and SO yummy I love this protein and I use this after I lift heavy weights.

Visalus Whey & Soy Blend:  I call this a beauty shake mix because its loaded with vitamins and minerals!  I use it when Im traveling or feeling like I can’t get in all the nutrients I need through real foods.  Its like a multivitamin but in shake meal replacement form!  It tastes like rich vanilla ice cream – YUM- and is easy on digestion too.

Perfect Fit: I use this one when Im cleansing.  Its vegan and free of all 5 allergens so its easy for the body to digest.  It’s got a great amount of protein per serving which I really like.  It would be my overall favorite but unfortunately it has a chalky texture that urks me from time to time.  People do like it and it gets great reviews so I don’t want to completely discourage you from trying it.  Still, when Im cleansing and I need a meal replacement, this is my go to protein powder!

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1 cup spinach

2 celery sticks

1/2 cup berries (blueberries, raspberries or blackberries are best)

1Tbsp almond butter (or 1/4 avocado, or 1tsp coconut oil)

1Tbsp lemon juice

1/3-1/2cup almond milk (coconut water or milk is fine too)

*Visalus Protein Powder


Blend all these fresh ingredients

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