18 Minute Fat Burner

What’s up Ladies?!

I needed a fast and effective workout this morning and this mix of moves had my heart pumping and gave me a boost of energy that I’m still vibeing off of now.  Here’s today’s challenge:

Complete 3-5 Rounds in 18min

1) 10 Box Jumps 

  • jump up and land both feet on a plyo box, bench or chair (just make sure its a stable base and won’t slide out under you!)

2) 15 Front Squats

*I used a 55lb barbell. Use your heavy weight dumbbells and hold them near your shoulders if you don’t have a barbell.

3) 20 Kettle bell Swings

*I used a 35lb kettle bell. Use your heaviest weight dumbbell if you don’t have a kettle bell.

*Make sure you use momentum as you push up to drive the kettle bell to shoulder height.  Feel the strength rise from your heels, through the back of your legs and up through your spine as you lift the kettle bell.  Try to keep you head and neck relaxed.  AND don’t forget to breathe.

Kettle Bell Swing

3min is good

4min is great

5min is stinkin’ awesome!

I ALMOST completed 5 rounds but the clock beat me while I was on my last round of kettle bell swings.  I took my time and rested a bit between sets at the beginning and then found myself rushing toward the end so pace yourself but keep an eye on that clock too;)  Have fun with this one.  It’s a simple set up but a challenging routine for the body.

*I added 10min of cardio before this workout to push it and add a little extra burn.  If you’re trying to lose weight, I suggest you do the same thing!

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